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Le Shipping Stamps :3

PF OTP Noki-X-Kazu -stamp- by ShatterKirin Nokazu! (Noki x Kazu)

(Be warned, I may come up with dumb ship names....or good ones? maybe??? probably not though.)

Bart-X-Daedalus -stamp- by ShatterKirin Bardalus (Bart x Daedalus)

Sage-X-Sophie -stamp- by ShatterKirin Sagie (Sage x Sophie)

Thunder-X-Jessica -stamp- by ShatterKirin Thundica (Thunder x Jessica)

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Dawn-X-Dilbert -stamp- by ShatterKirin Dawbert (Dawn x Dilbert)

Jack-X-Jund -stamp- by ShatterKirin Junk (Jund x Jack)

Xander-X-Kylee -stamp- by ShatterKirin Xylee (Xander x Kylee)

Vivi-X-Antera by ShatterKirin Antivi (Antera x Vivi)

Leonardo-X-Val -stamp- by ShatterKirin Valeo (Val x Leo)


Havoc by AmeEgaree Havoc :iconameegaree:AmeEgaree 2 0
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Wyngro!
Well, we got through year 3 of Wyngro everyone! I can’t tell you all how proud I am of all the artists that have joined this group in that amount of time, and how much you’ve all helped it grow. I’ve learned so much from this group, working with people, communication skills, organizing, art in general, (especially have gotten a lot better at color theory!) and just meeting and getting to know an assortment of interesting people.
I’m not gonna lie, there were a lot of really tough obstacles this year to get past, a lot of negative vibes, and a lot of people that have come and gone. I think that it’s a very easy option for a lot of leaders to abandon a project when things get tough and relationships get tested.
But like the cornball I am, I always think back to a quote from good old Dumbledore, where sometimes we must choose between what is easy and what is right.
Although it wasn’t easy, I worked through the struggles of toxic people and negativity, b
:iconwyngro:Wyngro 15 38
October Clutches by Glarua October Clutches :iconglarua:Glarua 5 23 Sales (4 Open Clutch) by BloodyNgore Sales (4 Open Clutch) :iconbloodyngore:BloodyNgore 21 39 What a beautiful day by BloodyNgore What a beautiful day :iconbloodyngore:BloodyNgore 12 0 I'm Bob you stupid book by BloodyNgore I'm Bob you stupid book :iconbloodyngore:BloodyNgore 16 2 Wish i could just go sleep by BloodyNgore Wish i could just go sleep :iconbloodyngore:BloodyNgore 14 5 Victorya by BloodyNgore Victorya :iconbloodyngore:BloodyNgore 10 0
[Griffia] MASSIVE Cleanout (Includes BB)
Not really in the group anymore. Not listed here, not for sale. Might be willing to haggle. 
Please reply to highest offer.

Min: $150

No Min

No min

Beed x1
Pead x2
Sead x2

-$25 each-
Leed x2
-$40 each-
GC x148
-Whole lot for $100 -- negotiable-
Aura Bean x5
Dye Bean x4
Fool Bean x1
Fool Fruit x1
Fool Root x1
Glow Bean x1
Glow Fruit x2
Glow Root x1
Hollow Bean x6
Hollow Fruit x3
Hollow Root x3
Magic Bean x2
Shapeshifter Bean x1
Skill Bean x4
Star Bean x14
Swirl Bean x2

-$7 each-
Cosmetic Item Bank T-Z
Currency Bank R-Z
Chronopod Bank
:iconthe-kayfox:The-Kayfox 4 35
Character Clean Out [OPEN]
Characters Available
- Pacapillars
- FluffPaws
- Grem2
- GrimaDraken
+ More
Looking for:
- Bagbeans
- Other Griffans / Griffa Companions
- SnapTraps
- Grabbygons
- Swaps
- HQ one-off designs ( ex. by @/Twinsharks , @/Fumi-Lex , @/Sweet-n-treat )
- Art ( Please show examples and list specific amounts if offering )
- Money / Vouchers
Pending folder is of course, in a trade limbo.
So please, do not offer on those characters in that folder.
You are of course free to ask for characters from the free folder. Tell me your Toyhouse and I'll transfer them to you.
:iconnekoehh:Nekoehh 6 151
PTS: Catherine Orion reference by LeafeonMadness PTS: Catherine Orion reference :iconleafeonmadness:LeafeonMadness 8 0 #1568 by GremCorporation #1568 :icongremcorporation:GremCorporation 8 0 [PKMN-ADV] Vienna by rakadishu [PKMN-ADV] Vienna :iconrakadishu:rakadishu 7 2 PKMNA :: Garden Mini Clutch (OPEN) by Nidobro PKMNA :: Garden Mini Clutch (OPEN) :iconnidobro:Nidobro 9 15 Farrow by CollyWobblies Farrow :iconcollywobblies:CollyWobblies 13 2
T/S: grem2, xynthii, dainty, browbird, etc
So not setting prizes
so these will all be
Can offer:
-other characters (can be picky) :x
________________________________________________________________ (PENDING)

-grem2 trade only

pending trade!

:iconsweetlunar:SweetLunar 7 84


Yes GAME not contest! This is for anyone to participate in, watcher or not, just as long as they want to.

Here's the game 

I have some designs right here

Character Redesign Game Characters by Vulpix150

Your job is to give one or both a redesign that appeals to YOU 

you can change ANYTHING you want to about the design, it can look similar, or it can be completely not at all the same, it's all about how you redesign them. 

You can draw your own image of them, OR you can use this handy, Paint Friendly, base of them!  Character Redesign Game Base by Vulpix150


There's only a few but they're pretty easy I think

1- When you finish, link back here so I can see your take on the design(s). You can note them to me if you prefer, but either way I would love to see.

2- No bashing designs, this is supposed to be a safe place, so please?

3- HAVE FUN!! 

What do you get out of this?? 

You get to keep your character design. (DISCLAIMER : There may be similarities between designs due to having the same base design, but don't let that discourage you, like I said, you can change anything on the design!)

Have a nice day/night/ect!

< img src="LINK HERE" align="right">


HP: 20
ATK: 0
DEF: 0
MAG: 0
[Start with 20 HP. Another additional 20 points must be distributed between ATK, DEF, and MAG]


Crystal Currency (Collectable) by ScarfoxChronicles x 00 |  Chronicle Page (Collectable) by ScarfoxChronicles x 00


• Rite Of Existence: ✖
• Rite Of Survival: ✖
• Rite Of Training: ✖
• Rite of Purpose: ✖
• Rite Of Magic: ✖

• Rite of Friendship: ✖
• Rite of Arcanium: ✖
• Rite of Journeys: ✖
• Rite of Unconditional Love: ✖
• Rite of the Lost: ✖
• Rite of Awakening: ✖

• Rite of Serf: ✖
• Rite of Pawn: ✖
• Rite of Rook: ✖
• Rite of Knight: ✖
• Rite of Vassal: ✖
• Rite of Bishop: ✖
• Rite of Lordship: ✖
• Rite of Monarchy: ✖


Mate: ✖
Friends: ✖
Enemies: ✖


• Rites • 


• Events & Prompts • 


• Training • 


• By Myself • 


• By Others • 


• For Others • 

Mad by Vulpix150

Before you stands a gooey catlike creature, capsules encased in it's translucent body.
It places a capsule in front of it and looks at you.
Do you dare accept?


Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green Blue/Green CapsuleBullet; Green Bullet; Blue
A nearly completely random character will be drawn
You may say what you do NOT want in this design, but anything unsaid is fair game.

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green$5 USD/500:points:Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Red Bullet; PurpleRed/Purple CapsuleBullet; Purple Bullet; Red
You may give specifics as to what you do want in the design as well as what you do not. 

Bullet; Red Bullet; Purple$10 USD/1000:points:Bullet; Purple Bullet; Red


Examples of my designs
Eyeless Monster Adopt - OTA [OPEN] by Vulpix150 Sea Fae [Adoptable - OPEN] by Vulpix150 Second Chance Adopt - Nigel by Vulpix150 Second Chance Adopt - Speccs by Vulpix150 Mizz by Vulpix150
Falisha of Midnight Haze by Vulpix150  Twitchy by Vulpix150 Vulpii Vylian Ref by Vulpix150 Vulpy Foxyeena Ref by Vulpix150

You will not receive any WIP pictures, however you are free to edit my completed version if you feel the need to do so.

Commission me here for full customs and other artworks

Thank you for your time.

Incomplete Orders : 

Completed Orders : 
What?! Vulpix opening a commissions?!? 

Yep! I'm back at it, and I can take paypal now so.... that's a plus.... STILL ACCEPTING POINTS THO, just for those who only run on points.... so let's do this thing!

Badge Style Headshots/Headshots in general
You get a Headshot with your character's name on a ribbon or plaque in front of them.

Alternatively you can opt to have no name tag on it, it's about the same amount of work either way.
Vulpy Badge by Vulpix150 Pina badge by Vulpix150 Vulpii Badge by Vulpix150 Indigo Badge by Vulpix150
Price : 
Flatcolors - $5 USD/500:points:
Shaded - $8 USD/800:points:

You get your character cut in half.  Okay just kidding, but you get a waist up picture of your character.

You Can Have It When It Starts To Cry by Vulpix150[I'll put in a shaded example when I have one.]
^^^^^^^^*This would essentially be a halfbody + a headshot for anyone curious.*
Price : 
Flatcolors - $8 USD/800:points: 
Shaded - $10 USD/1000:points:

A fullbody picture without a background or with a very simple background. 

Not Clowning Around This Time by Vulpix150 Pina Fullbody by Vulpix150

Price :
Flatcolors - $10 USD/1000:points:
Shaded - $12 USD/1200:points:

More Detailed Background/Scene
You can either add this to a commission to create more atmosphere or you can just have a scene of something.

WP 69 : Spring Sadness by Vulpix150 magic class week 3 - The Hots by Vulpix150 I'm okay...Really... by Vulpix150 Fobbers Space by Vulpix150 Little Paws Garden and Rescue bg by Vulpix150

Price : $15 USD/1500:points:

Custom character Design concept/character redesign concept
I will either make a character to your specifications, or redesign a character to your specifications. 
I am not eligible to do concepts or revamps of closed species or free species.
I can do open species, but would prefer not to do them unless they are my own open species or your original species. 

I will only guarantee 1 flatcolor fullbody image unless you commission extra in which case I would be happy to comply. There is a chance I could potentially add more for free, but do not count on that, there is no promise for extra art.

Examples of my designs
Eyeless Monster Adopt - OTA [OPEN] by Vulpix150 Sea Fae [Adoptable - CLOSED] by Vulpix150 Second Chance Adopt - Nigel by Vulpix150 Second Chance Adopt - Speccs by Vulpix150 Mizz by Vulpix150
Falisha of Midnight Haze by Vulpix150  Twitchy by Vulpix150 Vulpii Vylian Ref by Vulpix150 Vulpy Foxyeena Ref by Vulpix150 Anthro Adopts - OPEN by Vulpix150

Price : $15 USD/1500Points

Reference Sheet
You get a flatcolor fullbody, and then a front and back ref[which may include a top/bottom of any tail the character may have]. A palette can be added on request, and extras can be added on at an extra cost.

Nymph Ref by Vulpix150 Pina Colada Ref by Vulpix150 

Price : $30 USD/3000:points: [+ any side things you may add. A glowing eye headshot as shown on "Nymph Ref" is just a copy/paste of the face, and can be added on request at no extra cost, as that is barely any work.]

Run Cycle Sketch
You get a run cycle sketch animation + a .psd file (Alternatively it could be a .sai file) with the sketches should you want to finish it.
Eris Run Sketch by Vulpix150
Price : $5/500:points: per frame 

I'm open to haggling but if I don't accept your offer please don't be upset. If you make a huge ruckus I'll probably have to refuse you entirely ): and we don't want that. 


1. @
2. @
3. @
4. @
5. @
6. @
7. @
8. @
9. @
10. @

How to Commission? 

Well that's easy, you just comment here or note me with the following form when I'm open!

Username :
Commission Type : 
Character Reference(s) : [I need something to work off of, flatcolors required] (Ignore this if custom character)
Payment Method : [Points or Paypal]
Conversation Method : [DA Notes or Discord]
Notes : [Anything that doesn't fall into the above categories goes here]

Is it bad to like music deemed edgy? ei evanescence songs? 

24 deviants said no edge music is good, just edgy, edgy isn't bad, just pointy, right?
13 deviants said no but neither of the other answers fit
1 deviant said no but ew
No deviants said yes and you should be ashamed for the thought of it not being bad!


Vulpix150's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ID pic by :iconnuka-corgi: (go check out their new art, I love this pic but she's improved so much since then ;3 )

icon by :iconvulpix150:

-----♥♥♥-----Put This
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Page If
---♥♥---♥♥---Thank you.

Please, don't ask me for points or requests unless given explicit permission.

Is it bad to like music deemed edgy? ei evanescence songs? 

24 deviants said no edge music is good, just edgy, edgy isn't bad, just pointy, right?
13 deviants said no but neither of the other answers fit
1 deviant said no but ew
No deviants said yes and you should be ashamed for the thought of it not being bad!

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Your art is super pretty, just so you know! 

Again, thank you so much! (I feel like my response doesn't really capture my real life reaction but to be fair if I did type my exact initial reaction and send that it would be about the length of this comment except it'd just be "AAAAAAA" instead of actual coherent sentences. ^^;
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