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Wing Commander 2 Fighters

And here I was supposed to be taking the summer off from drawing.  Instead I did this.
The idea came about rather gradually.  Originally, I started drawing the Jalkehi since it was next to impossible to find any clear pictures of it.  The same was true of the Sartha, so I decided to include that as well.  Eventually, things progressed until I found myself drawing all the fighters for WC2.  At least the ones in the manual, the others in the add-ons and so forth will come at a later date.
Actually, there are some things I will probably need to change in this chart.  For one thing, there's the designations of the Kilrathi fighters (I only found one for the Drakhri).  I'm also thinking of changing the colors on the Kilrathi fighters, and possibly redrawing their details.  All that considered, I'll probably just put the additional ships in an update of this chart.
There's also the chair in the middle.  That is the chair I use to measure a more accurate (or realistic) size for the fighters than the ones given.  If you try downloading this picture and moving the chair so it's superimposed on top of a cockpit, though, you might find that I gave a bit of extra room to each one.  I don't believe in cramming guys into too-small cockpits, like in Star Wars.
That said, look for my Star Wars chart featuring a history of the "Delta-Class" starfighters which should be up soon.
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Awesome fighters. :boogie:
Do you think you will do the more obscure ones? At least on the confed side for wc2-wc3? You know: stiletto, gladius, morningstar, wraith, bearcat, phantom, and banshee?
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I do have all of those fighters lined up, but I keep getting busy and they're kind of low on the list. It doesn't help that I've just recently gotten back into my drawing projects. Or maybe it does, since it's more likely I'll do them soon.