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Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by F2U-SpritesHello Vulpine lover, Fox emoji - hello by Martith
Welcome to Vulpes-Art!

Star Emote by Gasara Vulpes-art is a group dedicated to everything about foxes and all vulpine creatures. Whether you like drawing these animals, or simply just love them, you're always welcome here!
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Take a seat by the grass, smell the air and appreciate the most wonderful works about these lovely animals in our gallery.
Kawaii fox - original version by July-MonMon
(FREE) smear o' grass by SqdPxl
Exclamation Emote by Gasara If this is already your home and you want to contribute to our gallery, make sure to take a moment to read our rules and folder descriptions! They can be found in the group front page, to your right! :thumb676180341:

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Gallery Folders

Jitters by Erexis
foxy fuzz by Apofiss
Sweet Dating by Dragibuz
Vulpanim Garden by MistyGoldArt
Digital Art
Catherine's winter by Skeletondragoness
Chill in star dust! by 0l-Fox-l0
Catherine by Skeletondragoness
Roxy the Marble fox (collab) by Skeletondragoness
Traditional Art
183 Corsac Fox ATC by AndromedasWitchery
Magical glow by FigoFox
Dancing Water by Ruhmjolf
Aster by nekophoenix
Mixed Media
Concealed Rage by Art-Surgery
The Watcher by ChristinaMandy
Devouring Flames by CorruptedFox
Fennec Fox Sunset by PhilipHarvey
Anthro and Furry
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!! by Danilofanzineiro
Summer Hearted by Ruhmjolf
Inferno - Riavan by Ruhmjolf
Foams of Battle by Art-Surgery
Fantasy foxes, fox-based species
Closer by LordyIrony
Me, Myself And I by Tearavynn
Character poses by Tearavynn
Invitation by MattsyKun
Stylized, Cartoon
Beetle by Erexis
Serpent by Erexis
Toony Kentaro 2020 by KentaroFlamepaw
Autism Awareness Day 2020 by KentaroFlamepaw
Ninetales - Noble Flame -Fire Within by Ruhmjolf
Malevolent Chakra by Ruhmjolf
Nine vs. One by Cabbion
Swappin' Time! by Tonythunder
Comics and Writing
Welcome to Rakuenko - Page 3 by MattsyKun
Welcome to Rakuenko - Page 2 by MattsyKun
FVA Page 03-17 by InnocentiaSanguinis
FVA Page 03-16 by InnocentiaSanguinis
Photography and manipulations
Peeping fox by Sia-Mon
Fire Fantasy / Rebirth by chertan-koraki
Sleep Tight, Little One by Mouselemur
It's Just Forever by Mouselemur
Animations and Flash Games
YEET by PurpleFoxKinz
Pixel Art
Nensho Dorako by RetroFoxStudios17
Artisan crafts
The Fox Miraculous Clay Pendant by FeynaSkydancer
Character Designs and Ref Sheets
Commission - Zenith by beruruSTAR
Sketches and WIPs

Fresh fox trails...

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Read this before you submit art.

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Group rules Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by GasaraThey're simple and easy to understand. Please, take your time to read them!

ftu | plant-like divider by LlST ftu | plant-like divider 2 by LlST

Yellow Exclamation by piinkbun Any art you submit here must be fox related, because this group is to foxes and fox-like creatures. We don't accept humans with fox body parts, wolves, or other species that aren't vulpine.

x by DiegoVainilla Don't submit any sexual, mature themed or gorey pictures! (including with mature filter)This group has younger members too, and people who aren't mainly interested in such content.

x by DiegoVainilla Please submit only your own artwork! That means we don't accept bases, copies, screenshots from games, or stolen art.

Yellow Exclamation by piinkbun Please try to maintain the quality of the group and submit only artwork you can be proud of! Drawings made with effort are always more appreciated and have higher chances of being in the featured folder!

* by Kittyrocker You can't submit to "Featured", but our staff will select the best works in the group will be showcased there. (:

x by DiegoVainilla Please try to submit your deviations to the correct folder! If you accidentally send your picture in the wrong folder, let us know, and we will move it to the right place.

* by Kittyrocker Everyone can join to our group, requests are automatically approved!

Yellow Exclamation by piinkbun Our submission limit is max. 3 deviations per day!

tick by DiegoVainilla Any kind of art medium is allowed in our group!

tick by DiegoVainilla Fox and animal related group affiliates are always accepted! However, we don't accept groups with other themes.

x by DiegoVainilla Please don't advertise your commissions info here, unless you're willing to draw only foxes or doing discounts for fox characters :3

x by DiegoVainilla Please don't advertise or spam on the groups' front page! You shouldn't say thank you for the requests, of course you're welcome, and you totally deserved it! ;3

tick by DiegoVainilla Please be respectful to the other members!

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara If you have any questions, complains or suggestions, feel free to share with us in a comment below or note!

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Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Folder descriptions Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

As you might have noticed, certain works might fit in more than one folder. To clear any doubts we made this handy guide to help you, fox lover, contribute your art to our gallery!
Sprite Rip: Wooden Right Sign by F2U-SpritesClick the link below and be a smart fox!
New folder descriptions
As you might have noticed, certain works might fit in more than one folder. To clear any doubts we made this handy guide to help you, fox lover, contribute your art to our gallery!
Folder preference:
The folders Digital Art, Traditional Art and Mixed Media should only be used if your work doesn't fit the other categories.
Example: If you have a drawing of a kitsune made with watercolors, you should submit it to "Fantasy foxes, fox-based species" as the character depicted is not a real-life fox and therefore fits that folder.
However, a drawing of a regular fox made with the same media should go to the "Traditional Art" folder.
This rule helps keep the gallery content more organized and prevents our folders, specially digital and traditional from becoming full!
The folders:

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