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Welcome to the Vulperthings Group

This is an open group so feel free to join or watch it.
But you have to join if you want to own a Vulperthing youself.
To get to know the Vulperthings plz look in the journals!



comes after we have 25 members


comes after we have 50 members

Vulperthings are a Closed Species
& belongs to GloomyCherub (gloomy-cherub)



Rights and Rules

Group Guide

Frequently Asked Questions








Recent Journal Entries

Newest News (21th August):

You can get finally Custom Vulperthings from me:
Vulperthings Custom and Art - Commissionlight cherry blossoms eamtest Vamtest uamtest lamtest pamtest eamtest ramtest tamtest kamtest i <da:emoticon id="742510052" profile="deviation">


Some announcements what comes soon:
(Kinda my todo list for this group xD)
- RPG informations
- Ref Sheet
- I'm still working on a traits overview so you can soon get a custom one.
- The next story will come, too ofcorse ;)
- 3 auctions of the elephantmouse, catsnake and dogbat (also mentioned in the 3rd Story part) are on the way


Following I'll list what I made so far:

  1. Right and Rules:
    Well you better read those ^^

  2. Group Guide:
    Also a good informative page I hope :happybounce:

  3. Frequently Asked Questions Journal:
    There are many questions already answered and a lil story is in about how the jewels were made.
    Just Attention its a dark story.
    If you want to know more / have questions / get yourself to the FAQ journal and ask me stuff about the VTs
    or well what ever you want to ask that is connected with this group.
    Be prepared to stay with a cliffhanger, cause sometime I just dont answer clearly x3

  4. Ownerlist:
    The place where you can see who (with icon) got what (stash link) and/or atleast how many (a number in clips).

  5. Vulperlewt:
    What it is, how to get and who have howmuch is found in here.
    - Added the June Pocket Lewt to the members (on 1st July)

  6. Vulper Vend:
    What you can get for points and/or lewt, is found in here.
    When more is there, more will be added of corse :3
    - Right now the Jewels for clothes are found in here.
    - OMS will do your Vulperthing as human portrait for your ref sheet

  7. Group Galleries:
    They are all described at the group guide. But here some more infos:
    :rose:Featured - Dont need to say more to it, do I?  Well beside that I love to see your art of your VTs finally :3
    :rose:Species Info - I made already some size sheets of the, in the 'Travelers Diary' shown up, VTs and a info about the jewels but more stories and infos will come. I'm working on the traits sheet. Guess I will upload it simply and add more traits to it and subspecies when they appear... OR??? Dunno D: What do you think???
    :rose:Custom Adopts - Beside those you ask me for also the new ones (those who have an unknown mom and dad) comes in to get a new home.
    :rose:Breedables - The Offspring of two vulperthings will be up to be adopted through this folder. If you own one and want to breed with someone special simply tell me and I will ask the other one. Oh and well remember you get lewt for the offspring. ^^
    :rose:Character Sheets - Single Sizesheets or a full wardrobe can be posted in here. Also your Charactersheet in future of corse :)
    :rose:Contest - I will do MYO events together or withour a story one. And the first comes when we reach 50 members, so be prepared :D
    :rose:Member Resells - If you dont want sth anymore or simply want to make some others happy, get your VT or item in here.
    :rose:Mascot Art - Image(s) and Stories of Vuara are found in here. You can ask me if you would like to doll her but only if I give you a go you can do so!!!
    :rose:Exclusive Stuff - You find in already a wardrobe and a human base you are able to use after you have your first VT and jewel. And I'm working on a lil Charactersheet.

  8. Subspecies so far and where in the story they appear:
    Chinesedragonponies (2nd day)
    Dragonfoxes (2nd day)
    Owlfoxes (1st day)
    Owlfrogs (3rd day)
    Catsnake (3rd day)
    Elephantmouse (3rd day)
    Dogbat (3rd day)
    'Plants' (4th day)


If you think I forgot sth, please reply
and all other replies are welcome, too.

So thanks for joining, have fun at the group and get inspired by this work.
your Gloomy
More Journal Entries


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