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Vox Kali Roof scene



Here's something more current from our little studio. This is image art for another animated TV series pitch, this one set in a future 2042 Detroit. The project is a neo-noir dystopian work, not quite cyberpunk but somwhat in that territory.

I've come to find that it's best to have a lot to offer when you're attempting to pitch something of this nature. If the sponsors or execs don't like one idea it's good to have backups as they might like your alternatives. This was a fun piece to do; I really got into all the neon lighting and such. The character is based on a friend of ours, pretty much looks just like her. This project was the first one we considered having characters based on friends and it's been a blast making animated versions of folks we know. The background is purely fictional Detroit, I just made it up but we have a good deal of other pieces with accurate depictions, albeit futuristic, of Detroit, our home town :) The city just isn't getting the love so we thought we'd send some it's way. Despite what some may hear about Detroit it really is a beautiful and historically rich city... sadly also a city in trouble. I will also be posting samples of this image art (illustrations of scenes for the show in order to "sell" the look to execs) in the future. This is the top page image on our website at the moment.

Character: Inked pencils, CG cell shaded in Photoshop 7.0
Background: shaded rendered pencil illustration CG colored in Photoshop 7.0
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Amazing paintwork! :worship: