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Unknown Weapon 01

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We have another TKP small arms weapon for the gallery before a new wave of more varied Theos materials drops; another words stuff other than pew, pew gunz (though there are more of those too), there's quite a pile now. I simply haven't gotten around to posting, scanning them, etc. This pew, pew a bit more exotic in the TKP setting though so it stands proudly alone, at the moment, in its singular strangeness. It's also designed specifically for the Badan Song project.

This weapon, as noted on the image above, is of unknown origin. Some clues can be gleaned about the origin of manufacture by comparing the weapon's components to known Polemon and Indus weapons manufacturer's design aesthetics. In doing so it's immediately apparent the weapon seems to have Geind's visual stamp (Geind SMS 420 stock configuration similarities) It also appears there are some signature Dies aesthetics because the barrel looks to be of Dies manufacture. This is all speculation however due to the lack of any serial numbers or company logos. The only text on the weapon is a phrase on the barrel saying, "You are more than that which contains you" and what seems to be alchemic symbols on the sendai optic sensor. Cryptic and rather provocative to say the least indicating a level of personalization.

It appears the weapon is not actually a shettier (the most common small arm in SOL). The gas chamber, at the bottom of the stock, seems to imply the rifle might be some kind of exotic beam or particle weapon. This type of weapon technology is purely rumor and speculation and absolutely unavailable to the general public throughout SOL. The floating optics (assuming that's what their function is) also seem to defy conventional analysis indicating, again, some form of extremely obscure technology. It's most likely the weapon is a one of a kind custom or experimental prototype.

What can be reasonably ascertained is the weapon appears to be a sniper rifle with a sendai optic radome sensor. This supports the speculation that the floating devices are also some form of sighting and ranging augmentation but, again, this can only be speculated upon. The weapon seems to be designed for a sendai to use, not a human because there is no indication of iron sights anywhere to be seen and the configuration seems more suited to sendai. Also there seems to be two (likely Gund high output) signal amplifiers right on the top of the weapon behind the optic radome which is not something that human weapons have. Unfortunately there are more questions posed by the weapons origin than answers that can be gleaned from examining it's external appearance.

Download for larger file.

More to come...

Digitaly inked pencils with colors in Photoshop CS3
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Impressive. But iti is a shame that this image is so little.
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I have one question for this marvelous gun, how do you hold a beast like that?!
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Vicious looking! Love it!
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My thanks, glad you dig it man :)
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You're very welcome, mate!