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Transformers Rodimus Prime Bot

By VulnePro
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One of the handful of marquee characters I did for Dreamwave's MtMtE TF Profile books. I believe this is another Don Figueroa illo, colors by me.

CG colored in Photoshop 7.0
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He's nowhere as good as Optimus, but at least he led the Autobots to victory. I'm told his biggest problem is that he lacks self-confidence, but I don't think it's completely his fault. I mean, he didn't ask to be leader of the Autobots. And I have a weak confidence factor too, so I can relate.
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He's very leaderly.
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Prolli one of a few great drawings of Rod that I have seen.
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I'm no big fan of Rodimus, but this is just much too glorious a picture not to keep around. I like his expression - all the 'bots always look so grim, and his simple "Hrm?" look is a very refreshing break.
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is this guy the son of Optimus Prime?
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I don't believe he was but I'm not a Transformers expert so I'm not 100% sure. If I remember right he inherits the title of Prime in the animated Transformers movie, taking over from Optimus, something like that. Been awhile since I saw the film :)
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all the episodes i ever saw of the 80's show was episodes 1-10 on youtube.
the rest i still have to watch.
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Looks like Don Figoura drew it.
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Indeed I belive he did ;)
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that looks like him in transformers the movie!!
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And also, Takara maybe a good redisigner of the Transformers.
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Nice! I wish Transformers in in Super Robot Taisen.
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dangh...wery nice! ^,^
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Thank you man :)
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