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Theos environments 22

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And so it begins...

A collection of Indus environment thumbs sketches. These are all small illos from a 5 1/2" x 8" sketchbook that is dedicated solely to Indus environment roughs. Industrial locations and a rather suggestive formations of pipes in the top right (though not intentional really).

Just the raw pencils with a polyurethane coating.

Transmission continue >>>>
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Actually, I immediately thought of Katsuhiro Otomo's work when I saw these environments, but somehow your machinery is even denser that that found in Akira.
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Indeed, when I was young, I collected the original Marvel Epic fist US printing of Akira and his work was a huge inspiration for me. As my reply to the previous poster above states it was the anime and manga of the classic 80s period (when many of the most cited classic works were created) that really influenced me most. Probably, the film 'Wings of Honneamise Royal Space Force' was more influential than any of those works on setting my path into my love of visual design and world building. Ultimately though my direction with this work just evolved on it's own, still retaining some of these influences but drawing from a far greater palette of inspirations then anime or manga can provide.

None the less, I have zero problems with anyone citing a little Otomo in there, the man's work is legend :)

My thanks!
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Now I have to look up "Wings of Honneamise Royal Space Force."
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It's a really impressive film. I can't guarantee you'll like it but if you love wildly imaginative visual design and world building you likely will.
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Very familiar with Blame! and Nihei's work because one of my close friend's, while living in Japan, had sent me vol. 1-9 of Blame! (obviously the untranslated original, not the US Tokyopop version) around the early 2000s. He sent them because he felt that work reaally looked like the setting I had been doing for this project. It seems Niheai and I share a similar obsession with industrialized monolithic structures but, honestly, Blame! had no influence on the visual direction I chose for this material. I respect his work greatly though and consider him a kindred spirit in exploring fantastic fictional architecture-scapes.

I began developing the defining characteristics of the setting for Theos KE Polemos's industrial and architectural planet Indus in early 1990 and Nihei published Blame! starting in 1998. There's always someone who will create and have similar ideas no matter how different you think you might be, it's just the reality of creativity, everything has been covered in some way. I was surprised when I first saw the Blame! manga but the city in Blame! is a bleaker setting as a whole than the entirety of Indus, however there are bleak places on Indus as the examples indicate here where both places feel similar.

If anything, as the poster below notes, I was more influenced by the managa and anime of the 80s that inspired me during my teens to pursue this kind of work :)

Thanks for posting!
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have you been following Gutalin [link] [link] and his disciples [link](WiP-museum_scene)/page35 over on zbrushcentral. If not i think you would really like what they are doing.
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