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Tamindye Echo 72 public corridor

By VulnePro
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Full 400dpi resolution files (PNG) of the raw pencils, gray scale under paint, final full color, and the full PSD file of this illustration are available on my Patreon's 5 dollar tier (along with quite a lot of other works at full res):  Patreon logo 2017 - bullet by VixenDra…

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Tamindye Echo plant public corridor (passageways that pass through Tamindye's facility that the public can use to traverse) located on the border of the political bloc 
Jaämas within the artificial sprawl of Indus. Much like the Haiglends plant (featured in the E-41131 Omnisense cam) this Tamindye facility is of considerable size so passages, such as this, are intended for public use allowing passage through the facility rather than having to go over or around (we're talking miles in size here so this is often the best you get, barring some form of rail passage). These corridors, however, do not allow access into the Tamindye facility itself so, whatever happens within will continue to remain a mystery for the time being.

Pencil illustration converted to digital gray scale paints and painted in Photoshop CS3 and CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

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Oh wow. This hallway is awesome you leveled up
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My thanks man, I appreciate the kind words!