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TAEDUS Gumbinnen Sems Line Work

By VulnePro
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April; time for the kick off to a more intense flow of TKP works... although last month had been a seeming quiet period we've actually been rather busy (gah... I still have a lot of messages piling up here O_o).

To start things off we have the line work to an updated design of the oldest TKP sendai character that exists; Gumbinnen "Gumbee/Gumms" Sems. In fact, it could be said that the original version of this guy, created all the way back in 1990, IS the source from which all of TKP's bio-mechanical characters and aesthetics sprang from as Pallas Athena did from Zeus's head.

The only other posting of this character appears here, in a form much closer to the original: [link]

However in updating Gumbinnen I took great care in maintaining the core visual aesthetics of the original design, both for nostalgic reasons and simply the old original design was a rather unique looking creation (I'll have to post it soon, likely in scraps or possibly an extended post on the Vulne Pro blog). That original design is also the source of the aero-frame nosecone aesthetics much of my Theos FOIL designs have (which was why :icongenocidalpenguin: and I hit it off so well as he was doing similar things visually). Gumbinnen is where it all started.

I'm posting this monochrome presentation of the line art with the shading layer and textures on (including the bakelite parts which look more bronze here). The full color is done but I will post that a little later ;)

Gumbinnen Sems is a combat taedus so this means he's bonded to a human user. He works as an I.P.I.O. with said human who's his partner Heath Wuthering: [link]
Becasue Gumms is a taedus this means he's about 5 feet tall from ground to tips of the tail fins so he's roughly 4 feet or so where his head and primary eye line falls.

Gumbinnen lives with Heath at the Ark Cafe in Genuaä and is a free sendai. More detailed information about him will be in the full color posting to follow. There is a lot more to come...

Digital inks and colors in Photoshop CS3.
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Looks awesome. :D
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I remember watching this on tv, it was Bubblegumbinnen Midlife Crisis.
Gumbinnen Sems was wondering whether a life of combat is really worth it and Heath was trying to take him to a Nudie Taedus bar.

Think there was a kids show, My Little Taedus: FOILS Are Magic, Gumbinnen Sems was going to throw a surprise party for Heath but Heath was sneaking around and Gumbinnen thought Heath did not like his parties. Actually Heath was preparing a surprise party for Gumbinnen.

*And then the nurse came in with my meds*
Ahh, Cymbalto!

Looks great.
VulnePro's avatar
XD As always brilliantly demented good sir.

My thanks!
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My money is on My Little Taedus: FOILS Are Magic if I can do it without
the nurse bringing the meds.
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... My "hidden weapons" senses are tingling.
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He does, and will, have some hidden weapons and optional add-on equipment galore ;)
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couldn't he fly? (all the design stages just beg that he can)
its different, but cool. i like the new 4th/5th gen look, while still looking old and retro. what are the wrist canisters for?
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He totally does fly and has a device similar to the FOIL's Icar drives to assist flight. Glad you dig it :)

I'll be covering the specifics of his design in more detail with the posting of the full color version but to answer the "canisters" question...

those are actually a set of additional toes or feet for the fore arms. They also have lighter (taser) devices in each tip for stunning other sendai and disrupting their systems.
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th colors are so sweeeeeet!!
great work!
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Its like a one mech from Armored Core F.A.
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Yeah that pointy nosed machine in the game does have a similar-ish vibe but I was influenced by it. I actually designed this character a long time ago: [link]

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reminds me of the -lion designs from Super Robot Taisen
VulnePro's avatar
Can't say I've ever been influenced by those specific designs but Super Robot Taisen does touch on a lot of classic 80s mecha (if I understand right because I haven't followed the games closely) so some of that does apply as I grew up on the 80s designs.
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super robot taisen often takes original material and slightly redesigns it to get around legal issues in teh states. this is prolly one of em


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Been waiting for more TKP work. ^_^
I really love the style of these guys.
VulnePro's avatar
My thanks, there will be more on the way ;)
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That news will please me to no end.
I'm pretty sure You and Penguin have had a rather large influence on me as an artist.
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I do like how short it looks. Its pretty cool. Great work there!
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Indeed he be short but still you wouldn't want to mess with him. My thanks!
NotXRAY0128's avatar
XD, Of course not!

You are welcome!
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Very cool design.
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