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Stand Your Ground

By VulnePro
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It's been awhile since I did one of these straight to Wacom paintings (scenes not concept illos like FOILs) so it's nice to belt one out again.

This started as a speed paint doodle that ended up getting more fun, involved, and polished as I went. I've been wanting to do more stuff like 'As it Falls' so with this one in the can I hope to do more. No thumbnail rough or base illo on this one, just flat out painting and riffing the design as I went. This one went pretty quickly too, a few days working on it off and on.

Depicted here is a Dies combat Taedus blasting away at something off frame with a Dies electro cap Stein Shettier (case-less rounds). Sendai are typically human size or smaller so this guy's about 5 feet tall at best. Not a big fella at all. This is somewhere on Polemos during the time "The Hammer Falls" event occurs. This guy is a free sendai and has apparently added some sponsor logos on his armor indicating he's modded himself.

The logos say as follows:

Dies T.D.S. Myrmidon Taedus System (his parent manufacturer birthplace)
Dyna Lock
BESH Dampers
Classel Armor (armor metalized paint that does tend to chip. The sendai has hardened ceramic armor, hence the grayish under color)

Had a blast with this one :) More to come...

Photoshop CS3 and Wacom Intous 9x12

Just an added note: No 3D was used, it's all by hand, same goes for all the FOILs and Theos concepts in the gallery. I've had some folks think some of these pieces used 3D, but none have, so I take that as a nice compliment as to how well they come off.
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i saw this and i wanted to scream "FIRE~~~~~~~~~~~! MOVE OUT, MOVE, MOVE!"... whether or not i succeeded i will keep to myself :XD:! awesome piece.
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Hey great unique mech design! Your render is really nice too.
Thanks for the watch btw! :)
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Thanks man and you're quite welcome on the watch. You have some pretty cool designs going on yourself, very nice stuff :)
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Your work is always jaw dropping...
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My thanks, I appreciate it :)
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:D Nice to see you drop by man :)
NuMioH's avatar prob dude. Its VulnePro we are talking about here :D
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Wonderful painting :D nice touch with the red fingertips.
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Thank you for the kind words :)
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This is really cool.Clearly it's painted and very well at that. Wonder why people would think it was 3D though?
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Thanks Mark :) Yeah, I can tell it's painted right off and usually can see any errors I might have sneak in there. I guess it's my textures and lighting that makes folks think 3D. If the subject is pretty solid in it's dimensional rendering the textures give it that pseudo 3D vibe I guess. Its nice some people think the stuff is 3D but I never set out to do that as a goal.
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One of the cool aspects of "Stand your ground" was that your characters were moving in depth, sort of fanning out. The action in this piece, by contrast, tends to parallel the image plane. This reduces the sense of action.

The best thing is to plan ahead with thumbnails, but I still think that you could make this an awesome piece (and showcase all the work that you have done on the textures) by clever re-framing and the use of additional foreground and background elements. There are some cool things that you can do in Photoshop to goose the lighting and enhance the drama. I picked some of that info up from one of the Gnomon DVDs.
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I think you were referring to "As it Falls".

This piece was more or less a warm up to doing more full paints. I almost always use some form of thumbs (I've noted as much in numerous posts) but just so happened not to on this one (nor did I for As it Falls). It was pretty much spontaneous and I don't feel it suffered all too terribly from it.

I don't feel every illustration, of this type of content, need to be some grand dramatic statement (something I find a lot of "concept" art sometimes gets carried away with to the point of overdoing it). This isn't to say I find your comment wrong about drama in a piece, not at all, but that usually comes from your intent going in. The painting is what I intended it to be, just something simple and straightforward. I wasn't really shooting for huge set piece or to overcook it, just having fun getting back to painting. I have other stuff I plan to do so we'll see about crazier in future offerings so I want to keep moving forward ;) Onward Wagons ho!! Thanks for the comments always Tom :)
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> I think you were referring to "As it Falls".
That's the one.

Concerning drama, you have a point but here's the bigger picture... Every time that I've been asked to do concept art I have been asked to push it - drama, pose, emotion, intensity, whatever. There is a good reason for that. Concept art will always be watered down through the course of production, be it through technical limitations of a character rig, client short-sightedness or any number of things. Pushing the art too far means that when it gets brought back it will still be awesome.

Maybe you have seen some concept art that tries to pull off a grand statement only to look foolish - garish color, implausable anatomy, unrealistic perspective or the like. This is due to some failure on the artist's part. There is a lot of mediocacy out there, unfortunately. It's still an excellent idea to push things to extremes. One has to get to the point where you have enough faith in your own abilities that a bold, dramatic concept will be followed up with a professional execution. You've got the ability to do that so you should try pushing things more and see what happens.

"Overcooking it" really IS the fun part of painting!

When I think of grand statements well executed, the paintings of Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Church come to mind. These paintings are pushed to extremes yet anchored to reality by solid craftsmanship.
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While good points (of which I'm reasonably aware of) this is a personal piece, not work for a client. On one's own time I feel it's good to simply have some fun with work now and then with no greater plan than simply the act of doing. I just finished a pile of freelance work so I wanted to do something more relaxed. I do appreciate the intent and spirit of your comments though, so don't get me wrong. Obviously working for clients is a different thing altogether because at that point it's what they want, not what you want and you and I both know that. Unless I'm getting paid I'm doing what's fun for me, it's there I have more room to explore anyway.

No I wasn't talking about poorly executed concept art in the technical sense at all. I look at a lot of concept art and dig a lot of what I see but also see a lot of very homogeneous text book approach type of work with lot's of "stuff" happening in frame, and yes executed skillfully. Some of it is fantastic, damn good but a lot of it comes off as over baked spectacle, much like a lot of the Hollywood fare that has been getting more and more mindless every year (Leastwise you had worked on some of the recent good films and I hope that's a good feeling to have contributed). There's plenty of wonderful concept work but also piles of very textbook process work and it comes off looking the same and predictable in thematic ideas... that doesn't excite me nor do I have any desire to emulate it. And, to be clear, none of this is to say I don't find things worth learning from these folks, the good ones or the textbook vanilla ones but I'm happy I'm not textbook or dogmatic about my own process. I certainly can respect and admire the skill of some of this homogeneous stuff I refer to but it's not my bag, so to speak.

And sure, I'm fine with "overcooking" to a point but again I think it's something you set out to do in the first place. Trust me I'll cook some more, not like this piece is the end all be all. I do have more elaborate stuff I plan to do, I just don't feel this piece needs any more elaboration because I know I can do better with something new, my time served better moving on.
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No 3D used!? Man you just keep getting better and better.
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No 3D used, just CS3 and my trusty Wacom ;) Once I wrapped Dimensional Outbreak (Look forward to your work too on that) I jumped into this and it kinda just took a life of it's own. There's a crapload of layers to manage the complexities of some of it but it's all fully painted in Photoshop, straight with no guide illo.

I have used 3D in the past and would love to get into it again but, for now, all my work is hand painted digitally or drawn the old fashion way on paper with pencils :) Same goes for textures and weathering, all by hand, save occasional custom grunge brushes I made.

Thanks a ton Brian, I appreciate the kind words :)
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sweet love the gun
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