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Sobeq FOIL wallpaper crop

By VulnePro
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This is another thing I planned to eventually do, some higher-res crops of the various fully digitally painted FOIL designs I have done for the TKP project. The FOIL paints have ranged from 300dpi to as high as 400 or 500 depending. The FOILs are painted almost like I was sculpting them from clay so I like to work in high resolution in order to really explore the designs as fully as I can.

There's also a lot of textural detail on many of the FOILs to simulate weathering, combat wear, etc. All that stuff is hand painted rather than using custom brushes because doing so simulates the random nature of real weathering far more effectively. Also, it's just a lot of fun, kinda like painting a model kit and such. I thought it might be cool to see this stuff in higher resolution so doing cropped wallpapers of some of the FOILs seemed the way to go.

First one is the Ileman-Loch Sobeq 1024 wide wallpaper size (original post here): [link]

More to come ;)
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Wish I knew how you went about Rendering this.
It looks great.
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Thank you Enrico, I appreciate it :) Plenty of new work is coming as well ;)
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I'm uploading new pictures, Thank you!
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omg this is sooo goood!!!
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Sorry bout the terribly late reply but my thanks for the kind words :)
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awesome looking design on the head, reminds me of a bird.
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Thank you. It does have some avian vibe but that wasn't an intentional focus.
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'tis a very cool look though, birds kick ass.
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One rule for keep a Sobeq FOIL happy: OBEY.

*Ornery person resists*
*Sobeq FOIL steps on the ornery person*
Thats one person with a flat stomach.

Sorbet FOILs are nicer and have more taste but I will not tell the Sorbeq ones that to their face.

Looks great.
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XD Always amusing man and always my thanks :)
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Shepard Farey and VulnePro, now that would be an interesting collab.
Sorbet FOILS would be so tasteful.

Happy New Year to you and yours.
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As a pictorial composition this is really cool. It works as an abstraction and if anything is more interesting because I can't tell quite what it is. Your focus on the surfaces in this piece is the same thing that motivates texture artists and matte painters in VFX and computer gaming industries.
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My thanks Tom. Lots of comments of late so I just saw this one. It does move into the abstract cropped. The designs often have plenty of abstract lines anyway so stands to reason.

Yes I love doing texture work and yes it's much like what you see in VFX and games. It wasn't my intent to do it for those reasons (though acutely aware of it as viable contract work), it is more I feel this type of material needs to look like there's a visual surface history. It simply sells these kind of designs. As you know, look at any military vehicle that has seen prolonged combat service and this is what you get. Doing them looking all shiny new all the time just doesn't work for me so I love to really add that extra layer of detail because, again, it equates history to the object in question. That and it's actually a lot of fun, at least for me :)

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This particular FOIL design would have been high on my list of those I'd enjoy seeing detailed close ups of. :thumbsup: :D

So if no custom brushes, then what few or one type of brush do you use for this guy? Hard and soft round?
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Glad you dug it Rob :) I def plan to do more close ups of these guys in the coming weeks.

I do have custom brushes and have made some custom grunge brushes I use to a limited degree on the FOILs but it's almost all standard CS3 brushes. So, yes, the hard and soft round and also airbrush for tints and dark weathering. It depends on what I'm after but for most of the weathering it's hard and soft. Hard with shape dynamics on, pen pressure off, and other dynamics off, for a pointed tip, to make chips. Soft round with other dynamics on and pen pressure on for patches of dirt, rust, stains, etc. The weathering can be several layers and it's a process of adding and taking away for large patches to randomize the distribution of crud and stuff on the surface. Often dirt collects in seams and panel lines so the more you kinda know how to lay the stuff down the easier it gets to simulate it. It's a blast to do, really is :D I know, at some point, I need to do some kind of tutorial.
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:laughing: I was gonna say, a tutorial would be just dandy! Obviously you've worked hard at perfecting this technique and it shows! I know you spend a lot of time studying the paint work on scale models, but it sounds like you've had some experience painting them yourself? Some comfort and skill with any traditional or tactile media always helps. Also good that you find it fun, because the process sounds fairly meticulous!

So often, rendered mecha art tends to have a new and shiny 'fresh off the assembly line' look to it. But it makes far more sense that a battle-worn veteran piece of hardware would have this sort of look to it. Brings a much needed element of realism to the whole genre. It also enhances a sense of prolonged combat on a war-torn alien world, whose harsher conditions would likely accelerate aging and wear on military vehicles, foils, gear, etc...
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Stunning picture!
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I know exactly what you mean about weathering. It's usually one of the most enjoyable parts of the process for me. Like you, I paint it by hand though I don't get anywhere near your level of detail yet. The model painting comparison is a good one. They really feel like the same process.

I know how much of the detail that gets put into weathering can get lost once an image is shrunk down, so it's great to be able to see something like this from you.
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Yeah, it's so addicting a process and a ton of fun. It does feel like painting kits does even if it is a different medium but when you really get down to it it's all the study of the organic process of history an object gets from prolonged interaction with the natural environment. Weathering =history and as such is implied back story.

There's unquestionably a method to doing it in illustration or modeling and it takes time to get the sense and feel of it down. Once you have that it gets easy to riff it out on any vehicle and such.

Aye, plan to post more of these hi-res crops in the future :)
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That headshot of the FOIL is awesome! It looks like it's got teeth.
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