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Polemos civilian vehicles



A batch of thumbnail concepts for Polemos civilian vehicles. This is something that normally ends up in the scraps section. I'm posting it in the main gallery, once again, to alert watchers that there are more roughs like this in scraps. So, by all means, turn on scraps if you're watching this gallery to follow the Theos project ;) Also being I decided to add some spiffy quick colors posting this as a Deviation seemed apt.

Like all the rough thumb concepts in scraps this is much the same; small illos to explore the profile of a design and worry about details later. As such these are rough and imperfect quick illos to get a feel for possible design directions. Theos Ke Polemos is a story with a setting rich with fragmented historical references to it's lost past. Oddities such as Nouveau cars and mutated Deco flourishes are common.

The bottom lower left vehicle is Endiel Koh's [link] ride. I wanted his vehicle to be unique but not overly crazy looking like some of the more "super car" designs. It has a more muscle car look and that was what I was after, a classic feel. As the weeks progress so shall the flood of new Theos works. Stay tuned...
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May I have permission to use some of these for my races in the Midway? The cars there need to be unique and crazy, and these are just what I'm looking for!