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Oro TDS Station

By VulnePro
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A color corrected update of a familiar TKP image art piece...

I have been meaning to upload this correct color version of this piece ages ago but kept getting sidetracked. Going through some files I snagged a few for updated uploads so here's the first.

These are actually the colors, as I intended, when I originally did this piece (with some later tweaks here and there). Due to my CRT old monitor slipping calibration the piece I had previously uploaded was actually way off color, with a strong green hue. While I liked that variation, to a degree, it also lacked the contrast punch it was supposed to have. It's nice to finally upload the corrected version as it was meant to be (should have done so ages ago).

The old piece can still be found here: [link]

An illustration of a sendai repair station/club. Our little fellow standing out front smoking is a sendai bio-mechanical life form. Sendai are a large part of the populace of the SOL system and depending on where they live experience varying levels of slavery, subjugation, or freedoms.

This building is on the planet Polemos which has more free sendai overall, and therefore is a sendai run establishment. On Polemos, due to the more relaxed attitude toward sendai (though there are still tensions with humans none-the-less) sendai tend to be more active politically and socially therefore we have more places like this. On the planet Indus, this dynamic does actually exist as well but tends to be more regionally specific due to the more polarized nature of human sendai relations overall on Indus. Some political blocs on Indus are simply not very friendly places for sendai to try to take any roots or freedoms.

A lot of backlog to sort through...

Pencil rendered and shaded illustration digitally colored in Photoshop 7.0 and Painter 9. Later tweaks and updates in CS3 and Painter X.
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I remember this was one of the very first TKP images I ever saw. Totally knocked me sox off, and sucked me into this world...
The lighting and atmosphere are even better now!
Gosh, the thought of an entire animation looking this pretty-- :drool:
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Yeah, this was one of the first image art pieces I posted but I never got round to posting this proper version until now. I wanted to still keep the old pieces (both of the originals that were updated) still in the gallery but now they're moved out of the image art gallery.

Yeah, this is a notion of what the show could look like but difficult to say what the real production would end up like until it's underway. For now, I plan to continue exploring the visual atmosphere so there will be more in the future for sure ;)

Thanks man :)
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the green hue of the first version makes it look brighter too, as if it was a view got in late afternoon instead of night.
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Yeah, it does kinda give that vibe though I would have lit it quite differently, of course, if I were do do a day version and actually I considered doing that with some of these ;)
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This is SEXY! I just wanted to say that. =|
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:iconpimpplz: Mah pad.
Cool colors and... yeah, design is awesome. As always lol
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XD Thanks man :D
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:iconpimpplz: YEAH BOIIIII!
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love the retroness
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