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Live by the Sword

By VulnePro
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This has been awhile in the coming, seeing some actual FOIL action stuff. I know a lot of you following the TKP work have been waiting to see thing kinda thing so here's the first ;)

This one was a total blast to do. I started it last year but shelved it due to other work. Of course I wanted to finish it so that I did.

Here we have a shot of a Polemon Dies combat FOIL blasting over the jungle haze with a pair of recon/targeting sendai drones. The sky is filling with AA flak and, quite possibly, a few more of those drones just got blasted to bits. The FOIL and the drones Icar drive rings are glowing due to high speed, hight output flight.

Digital inks and cell colors in Photoshop CS3

More to come down the line...

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It's so. BEAUTIFUL D,:>
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The sense of speed in this is fantastic.

I'm also a sucker for cool thruster effects, lol. Can you tell me what those remote units do?

And mechs with swords! That's where it's at!!
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Thank you for the kind words and sorry for the slow reply, been busier and busier anymore. Glad you dug it :)

The drones are sentient units as well and these are essentially battlefield tactical assessment/ranging/recon drones. These are not armed but some can and are.

Aye, swords were where the story took things so it made sense to explore that.

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Live by the sword and live a good long time! - Minsc

Looks great.
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My thanks man :)
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We've been waiting so long!!!

I can't wait to see some FOIL on FOIL combat!!!
Keep up the amazing work!
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Aye, intended to get to some of this stuff much sooner but other things often got in the way.

There will be more and likely something along those lines ;)

My thanks for the comments :)
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Sweet, can't wait. ^^
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That looks pretty impressive...

...But silly. Why is he using a SWORD of all things?
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My thanks, however I'm surprised you would comment on the sword simply because you've followed the gallery long enough to know that many FOILs use them. Bladed sword, beam sword, doesn't really matter, still swords. Not like mecha with swords are all that strange, it's a pretty common part of the genre. Gundam has it's beam stuff, Theos bladed swords. The story for Theos demanded something different and in the context of the setting there's nothing silly about it ;)
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I guess. It's just a lot more obvious in this one, that's all.

Using a sword isn't strange in the context of a mecha show; it's just when you think about it for more than a few seconds, the idea seems strange.

If it's not too much to ask, what is the context for using swords in the fiction?
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seriously impressive arts :0... This is the kind of work that makes me want to practice like hell on how to effectively use my graphics tablet :D
VulnePro's avatar
My thanks :) It's a wonderful thing when work can inspire other work, it keeps the wheel of creativity always turning.
SABAHN's avatar
indeed it does! and through work, one can discover new skills :D
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This piece is absolutely breathtaking. ^^
VulnePro's avatar
Thank you, I appreciate it :)
Xperimental00's avatar
You're welcome sir. ^^
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Sweet a mech that flys and shanks other mechs :D.
VulnePro's avatar
LOL Indeed it does, thanks :D
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I truly love the cinematic feel that you've given for this piece. I don't know how you managed to do that, but dammit, it works. I feel like I'm illegally looking a screenshot from an animated film that hasn't been released yet.
VulnePro's avatar
And that's precisely the impression it's supposed to have, a screen shot from a pending show ;) Glad you dug it and my thanks :)
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Gorgeous. I cannot get enough of the drive ring effect; not only is it awesome-looking, it makes me think of Angus McKie's work from the TTA Handbooks. I always loved his work, and this piece strikes me for similar reasons.

I apologize if my praise sounds back-handed; I can't think of any other way to say that this piece is FANTASTIC.
VulnePro's avatar
No worries Newton, referring to TTA hardly feels backhanded to me ;) Funny I wasn't attempting to channel Mckie's work but can see how those drives have a similar vibe the Proximan Sharks drives did :D That's cool in my book and was a rather cool compliment as well man :)

My thanks :D
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