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Jeindel Viershette SADUS combat platform

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This beast is actually rather large for a sendai, standing taller than it's human "users" (roughly ten feet or so) and most of it's sendai brethren as well. It's size, let alone the weapons package, makes this an incredibly intimidating opponent.

Jeindel's Viershette was designed to be strictly a suppressive fire weapons platform capable of putting out a devastating wall of munitions at it's targets. Boasting 4 heavy shettier cannons with explosive SABOT rounds this thing is very much overkill in the cramped architectural confines of Indus because of the incredible damage it can cause to the environment and infrastructure. This weapons system is effectively illegal unless you're above the laws that regulate such a thing. The Viershette, naturally, is not a common weapons system to be used or seen frequently on Indus. If one of these is involved you can bet the business at hand is rather serious indeed.

The example pictured here is tasked with protecting a mysterious artifact and under the employ of a shadowy organization with extensive resources. It's human masters (combat troopers, we'll leave it at that for now) have named him "Oscar". Oscar makes his appearance in the opening scenes of Badan Song. More to come later...

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Digital inks and color in Photoshop CS3
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cool, i think that's the coolest head with gun combined i've ever seen. nice job sir!
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I really dig the head! Great work as always!
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My thanx, it does have a bit of a strange noggin going on :)