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Grundlieg R-20 apartments

By VulnePro
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The full 400dpi resolution pencils, gray scale under paint, and full color version of this illustration is available on my Patreon's 5 dollar tier (along with quite a lot of other works at full res):  Patreon logo 2017 - bullet by VixenDra…

If you enjoy this work, please drop in and lend support so it can continue:  Patreon logo 2017 - bullet by VixenDra

Somewhere in the political bloc of Geremane, within the industrial artificial planet Indus's perpetual neo-noir landscape: an industrial corridor leading to the back entrance of a labyrinthine maze of apartments. This is a somewhat affluent area so, while you still see a good deal of age to the buildings they're reasonably clean and well maintained as far as Indus goes. Where there's wealth, there's light, heat, and the semblance of order. The deeper into the bowels of Indus the further you venture into darkness and swaths of the dangerous unknown. Stay in the light, stay in the populated areas, stay safe... within reason.

Surprised I forgot to get to posting these here (there's another one of these to follow) so they're going up now. I have several more (beyond the two I'm posting now) in the pipeline so there will be some more of these "street view" pieces down the line.

Pencil illustration converted to digital gray scale paints and painted in Photoshop CS3 and CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Thank you for looking and stay safe everyone!

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This is the hallway i cry before i walk through it.

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I suppose this hallway could potentially do that. One might be leery to go down that alley, who knows what's down there. Thanks for the comment sir ;)

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They look very nice. ^^

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cool atmosphere. how much is the rent there? :3

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My thanks!

Rent: blood of your firstborn and three rubber chickens.


Housing on Indus varies as to how expensive it can be within the project's setting if there's even an exchange of some kind involved. There is housing; you do have to exchange some form of barter for, there's considerable public housing approved and allotted by whatever political bloc it resides in, and then there are large swaths of abandoned real estate up for the taking. Of course, this doesn't mean there aren't dangers involved in occupying abandoned housing... do so at one's risk.

This location is the former, so it's not abandoned and some form of exchange (equivalent of something like rent) is involved.

Thanks again! It prob would be a cool place to live, scary pipes and all.

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Looks like a delightful and healthy place to live :-)

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It's totally safe, I swear! Those pipes are just pumping refreshing lemonade to all the good little citizens.

Thanks for droppin' in!

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