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One, of two, brand new image art pieces that made their initial debut in the Anime News Network interview I recently did for Evan Miller's "The Gallery" column.


The version here is essentially identical save the addition of the Omnisense (SOL wide information and oversight network) eye in the little deco bakelite radio looking thing on the sensor tower in the background. Also the ANN versions were higher resolution and I probably will post some of these image art pieces in hi-res here in the future as well ;)

This is an image art shot of the primary protagonist of Theos Ke Polemos; Ace CAV FOIL pilot Endiel Koh. A pretty simple and straightforward medium closeup shot to finally get to some character stuff.

Photoshop CS3 and Painter X. Pencil base layout on the tower.

More to come...
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Damn, your project is looking better everyday ! Great work !
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My thanks, really appreciate the support :)
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I love it. looks great.
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Even there, some folks can't stand Howard Stern.

So hard to get quality radio, they can spy on you but make good radio thats another story.

Looks great.
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Three comments:

1. Great job as usual.

2. I'm pretty sure it's spelled "Echoes". Sorry!

3. "The version here is essentially identical save the addition of the Omnisense (SOL wide information and oversight network) eye in the little deco bakelite radio looking thing on the sensor tower in the background."

I like your attention to detail! Also, that tower is really cool. It reminds me of the real life Sutro Tower in San Francisco. (Haven't heard of it? Go to [link] and/or [link])
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My thanks Mark, appreciated as always :)

Actually Echos can be spelled both ways and is correct, Echos or Echoes



Actually I don't recall why I wrote it that way as I'm aware it's as commonly spelled (if not more so) echoes but either way works :)

On Sutro Tower I can't say I've heard of it before so cool you noted it. The tower in the shot is prob around the height of a cell phone tower, maybe higher. Looks like Sutro is a pretty tall tower. It looks interesting and I'm always looking at things like this for ideas. My thanks again!
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"Actually Echos can be spelled both ways and is correct, Echos or Echoes"

Oops! The only thing worse than being a grammar Nazi is being a grammar Nazi who gets things wrong. Sorry!

"Looks like Sutro is a pretty tall tower."

It's 977 feet/298 metres. Sounds pretty tall to me!
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No problem at all, I'm glad you caught it because I certainly could have been wrong.

Aye, that is pretty tall. The one in the image here was pretty much inspired by stuff like cell towers as I noted. A lot of those things look pretty odd and are covered in piles of microwave cell sensors and other stuff duping electromagnetic pollution all over the place (seems most communities hate the things. Understandable). This one has things evocative of that, communications devices,etc. That bakelite radio thing though is pretty much "Big Brother" so this tower is not in everyone best interests either but would be a fact of life for these people.
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I dig it. It really looks like a shot from an animation.
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Indeed that is the idea :D Thanks, glad you dig it, there will be plenty more to come ;)
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No problem :) I also meant to say it's good to see some actual human characters from this at last as well :P
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Haha yeah, strange to see a Human arround ^^

Funny, reminds me of Luke Skywalker, don't know why. I mean, not his face, but... Maybe also because of the device in bg?
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LOL There will be more human characters as I post more and more but yeah the gallery has been pretty mecha top heavy for some time. Not that it's a bad thing but I certainly do far more diverse work than just bots :)

Def wasn't shooting for any Star Wars vibe but I can see why it might evoke that with the sky and the tower looking that way :)

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Yeah! You gat it! The most famous shoot after his "parents" death. =D

You might like or dislike Luke, those production pictures are for me some of the most legendary fashion/attitude Sci-Fi success Image. It evokes a youngster, wanna be grownup, that has just descovered the death of his parents. Lost almost everything, and ready to got further in life. full of un-experiemented skills in his hands. Adventures to come. The sunset, steampunk like structures, desert background, war/destruction smokes from house, and watching the horizon, with rage and freedom in the heart. Haha! So perfect. All adolescence in one shot. XP

Haha yeah looks like I'm a SW fan :blush:

Nowadays no-one rememeber the first movies, as I feel I'm the only one who thought about it, so... easy! :)
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A human in your gallery? What!?!

Nicely done :D
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LOL Aye, I've been meaning to post more character work as it's been awhile. There's a few human characters floating around the gallery but as much as there's piles of FOILs and sendai the project is very much about human beings so expect more for sure ;)

Thanks :D
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:lol: Cool. Can't wait to see more people

One question... are there going to be girls with guns???
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Girls with guns XD Actually there are going to be quite a few in the story, including FOIL pilots like Endiel here. Indeed some of them will be packing heat too ;) There's a private eye character on Indus (part of a different story arc) that is very much more of that ilk only we'll always try to break typical stereotypes in any way we can :)
X-A-N-A's avatar
Yes! Sweet :D They'd better be cool guns and stuff
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Is it bad that i get a Luke watching the tatooine double-sunset vibe from this image?

Only in the best way, I assure you. Koh looks like more of a solid badass anyway. Very cool to see this type of Theos character work.

More of a Dingo Egret maybe... [link]

but I look forward to seeing this bloke kick ass on his own terms. :D
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I hadn't considered that but not a bad thing at all LOL I guess it does have that tatooine double sunset vibe XD

You nailed it on a more Dingo Egret disposition and tone for Endiel as a character. He's a bit younger than I recall Dingo was but Endiel is very much a veteran of the Polemon campaign at the beginning of Theos and is in his early twenties. I'm sure I've noted it elsewhere in DA posts, beyond the ANN interview, that I have zero interest in doing the teenager pilots of exotic mecha thing. Koh is indeed more of the solid badass type and, though a young man, is an adult ;)

Thanks always man :)
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what this off of a movie?
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It's pre-production art for a show that hasn't been made yet ;)
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