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Dies Ikarus Shettier

By VulnePro
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A concept illo for the type of handguns prevalent in the Theos setting, Shettiers. These weapons are somewhat like flechette firing weapons and a wide variety of manufacturers produce them. Dies is one of the most well known and reliable, Dies also manufactures FOILS and Sendai among other things. This is an older illo I pimped out with digital colors. And yes Ikarus is spelled odd on purpose history is kinda fractured in the story.

Rendered pencil illustration coated with polyurethane (the yellow tinting) CG colored in Photoshop 7.0
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My thanks :) I will have more, like these, posted soon among many things ;)
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This is like deckards pistol in blade runner... i love it
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Besides the comments allready made, the perspective is slightly off. Acording to the front of the gun, you are looking at it at a slight angle, but according to the rest of it, it is a flat view.

Oh, I really like how you gave the circles on the side some real depth to them. The seem to jump out of the window at me.
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Bugger, did it again LOL Wrong reply field. Anywho thanks again.
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You'll get used to the messed up interface. . . that, or die trying.
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No doubt LOL Slowly but surely getting the hang but it does seem kinda back-ass-wards and wonky to have 2 posting functions like this. I suppose it's like this so some poeple can post without notifying the other party, still seems counter intuitive.
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You are correct good sir ;) See my response in the other handgun post [link] regarding this. Funny I saw the glaring perspective snafu when I CGed this but I thought I'd post them none the less. I just felt like banging out some quick colors for them both. Thanks for the comments, I like this one the best of the two as far as basic design, later I will do more refined and corrected illos.
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that's sick. I want to dual wield those and own some people now....
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Thank you XD For your dual weilding pleasure [link] yet another one.
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I'm pretty weak at technical terms so please bear with me. I noticed that the distance between the trigger and barrel is very narrow, almost impossible for them to be assembled that way. The gungrip doesn't seem to have enough space to accommodate the magazine.

Other than that, I envy your CGing and design skills. The gunmetal texture is superbly done.
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No, actually I'd say those are pretty good observations overall. The trigger is the main offender in this illo and frankly I know better as I've fired handguns and disassembled and reassembled them so I know how they work pretty well. It would be possible to ease the problem by making the trigger one that sinks into the handle but then the room for a magazine has more issues. As for the magazine at the moment there is enough room for a small caliber round. The Lugar 9mm has a very thin magazine and the handle of a Lugar is actually smaller than this one. I figured it would fire something similar to bullets today but a little different, this is some crazy future stuff after all. Regardless good points and good observations, I see no failing logic in your technical explanation.

I’d fix the illo but it being polyurethaned pencils makes doing retouching the drawing a pain so I’ll be surely doing a re-draw to work out the actually believability much better in the future. Here I was going for aesthetics. Thanks for the comments on the CG, the polyurethane seemed to add to the metallic feel it has.
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i totally agree with your comment about the barrel being too close to the trigger and the lack of magazine.
for conceptual purposes, it is a REALLY nice gun. (i agree again)
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Thanks for the comments :) It does have a magazine though, it's slid in the handle the release on the other side, small caliber, 9mm or smaller though the barrel as drawn actually looks a wee bit bigger than that XD And yes, as I commented on ~amade's post above, I'll have to fix the trigger in newer illos. I'm posting another in a few, it's not as crampt with the trigger but I'll prod do some fixes on it too later.
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Thank you :) I'm pretty happy how it turned out once I went back and added the CG colors, it has a nice gunmetal reflective quality.
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