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Blood Wake

By VulnePro
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And one more updated Theos image art piece, this time a more significant face lift. I was recently invited by :iconfuchsiart: to be part of her favorite artists gallery for Ballistic Publishing's pending D'artiste Character Design book.

Due to have so little time, because I had been taking care of my Father, I had to resort to already completed work. I thought it would be fun to revisit this piece again so this is what resulted. The big change is the hue is now a more greenish sodium vapor tint and the wall has a wallpaper Photoshop texture pattern applied to make the BG more interesting. The colors were tweaked a bit throughout and the sendai got some punchier shadows. Was fun to experiment on this one as there will be things I plan to try again for sure.

The original piece can be found here: [link]

So far the FOILs have gotten a lot of love in this gallery (and more are pending) at the expense of showing more of the sendai, the FOILs much, much smaller kin. Sendai will appear more and more in future postings as their population numbers are rather large in the SOL system.

As the war escalates to alarming proportions on Polemos stability begins to erode on Indus as well. The sendai population, now gaining a spiritual inclination their human owners have abandoned long ago, begin to mobilize politically, and socially for more freedoms. In doing so many turn to violent means as one such revolutionary minded S.A.D.U.S. (Self Aware Defense Utility System) takes the path of blood.

This one is a Jiendel manufactured SADUS with likely multiple brains that may not always agree on who's in charge. Clearly this can lead to problems. The small bio-mechanical fella (this one aprox 5 feet in height) is wielding a Geind Machine Stein Shettier (Stein being rifle variant Shette weapons).

The scene is on Indus, hence Theos ke Basilea as the Indus storyline dovetails into conclusion of the entire arc.

Pencil rendered background. Digital ink and cell shades, color renders, and updates in Photoshop CS3
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Stunning, love the colors and form.
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Hey, someone should make this movie?
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that would be a great idea
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New desktop material right here :D

Really awesome.
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YESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!:iconimhappylaplz: :iconilavplz::iconimhappylaplz: :iconilavplz::iconimhappylaplz: :iconilavplz:
alarming, astonishing, awe-inspiring, awful, beautiful, breathtaking, daunting, dreadful, exalted, fearful, fearsome, formidable, frantic, frightening, grand, hairy*, horrible, horrifying, imposing, impressive, intimidating, magnificent, majestic, mean, mind-blowing*, moving, nervous, overwhelming, real gone, shocking, something else, striking, stunning, stupefying, terrible, terrifying, wonderful, wondrous, zero cool
:iconrlytearplz:The words this picture makes me feel.
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My thanks for the stream of impressions there :) I'm glad the piece evoked such a response.
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I can appreciate the muzzle flash and spent shells in particular :)
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My thanks :) Yeah those were fun to work out and I plan to do some even cooler stuff, in this vein, soon.
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This one is great, Mike. :)
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My thanks Travis, glad you dug it :) More or less some experimenting in the form of updating an older piece. I really like the result though so I expect to do even more in the future. Been awhile since I caught up with you and Lincoln. Hope you guys are well.

Best man!
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Yeah, we haven't had much time for Xbox Live lately but maybe we can hook up for some HALO again soon. :)
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Indeed :)

I hear you on time, been a pretty crazy few months for me as well. There's always Skype too. I'm typically on but silent running ninja style.

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Cool piece. This one really shows off your Photoshop skills, too.

There are not many people who can execute this calibre of work and back it up with eloquent description as you have done.
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My thanks Tom for the kind words, a appreciate it. I've had less, and less time, as you know, due to the situation with my Father but seeing as things have calmed down a bit it's been much more even keel now. I'm just happy he's doing well so I can keep an eye on him still and get to some work as well.
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I really like this art nouvo feeling in your designs :)
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Thank you, I appreciate it :)
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This is really cool !
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Fantastic piece.
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So it's robot uprising again huh? :D
Anyway, you made a great pic!
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Something like that, or maybe this guy's just got anger management issues XD My thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)
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Digging the new version, Mike. Not that the previous was too shabby. ;) Textures look great. Nice and gritty. And your ability to determine the appropriate color spectrum for alien atmospheres is always impressive!

Can't resist mentioning... Alessia invited me too for her Ballistic book. Still very blown away by the great surprise, and her generous spirit. :faint:
Only had a few days to submit, so I also employed the strategy of tweaking old stuff. I felt a bit wary about posting it to DA tho, like maybe I shouldn't before the book is published? But if that's what you're doing maybe I'm just being dumb.

I'm psyched to know you'll be in there too. Looking forward even more to having that book in my hands. :eager:
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