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BADAN SONG preview C2

By VulnePro
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Two measly posts a deluge? Thought I was done did you?

Nope ;)

Here's a preview peek at something that has been baking in the studio kitchen for awhile now. It's tentatively the second cut in something we're working on. Though this is somewhat a WIP shot (there will be a few final tweaks here and there) for all intensive purposes of preview it's complete. The eagle eyed will note a certain previously posted weapon in the shot.

Something a bit provocative and mysterious for now though expect to see more of this surface in 2013.

Completed shot is a mixture of pencil BG layout illustration and digitally inked and painted foreground elements in CS3

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Oh, we're not done here.... transmission continue >>>>
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Is Badan a common word? I want to name an organization I made up Badan, but I'm unsure if I should because Kamen Rider already has the Badan Empire.
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Is this an anime or a scene-by-scene comic?!
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those hovering-eye-looking-things are are... remote camera type things, yeah?
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They would be a form of optic targeting devices in theory but we'll just say something strange is going on here and nothing about this weapon or the entity wielding it is normal for the TKP universe ;) So you're not that far off in the observation but something more is going on that everyone will have to wait and see what that might be.
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^_^ lookin forward to seein more!