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And the signal?

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PLEASE NOTE: I have never posted full resolution files of the early TKP image art illustrations anywhere online until now. The full 400dpi resolution; original (as posted) with the 16:9 widescreen crop, the FULL image, clean sans cropping, just the characters, and the background art sans the characters are all available on my Patreon's 5 dollar tier (along with quite a lot of other works at full res):…

If you enjoy this work, please drop in and lend support so it can continue:

Once more we have a glimpse into the settings of Theos, again on Indus. Here we have a pair of Sendai, to the left a Tappco toaster/radio head style sendai and to the right a Dies combat taedus (Telepathic Defense System). They appear to be discussing a plot of unknown purpose in an industrial passage on Indus.

The taedus would be part of a "Use System" partnership with a human owner. Generally what this means is the taedus is used for Police, military, or private investigations work as a living weapon and surveillance extension of the human partner. Usually these "use" arrangements (ownership by the human) are more free for the sendai than the typical domestic "Use" bond. The Tappco unit is probably indentured and slaved to it's owner so being out on it's own like this could mean several things, good or bad, for the human owner. Worse case is it killed it's owner. Tappco has a model line of sendai known for their blocky toaster/radio heads. This fella has a simulated Catalin/Bakelite material with brass fittings so it's a more aesthetically decorative sendai unit. The sendai in No Escape… is clearly one of the same model types only that one is a combat model.

This piece was a lot of fun to work on and more will follow in it's suit. Atmosphere and unease are sometimes the sense one gets in Indus as it's a massive architectural labyrinth. The sendai are fully digital . I blew up a rough thumbnail guide and off I went.

Pencil rendered background. Digital ink and cell shades and color renders in Photoshop CS3
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Awesome!! It's like a scene outta a really well done movie. I can almost picture them talking, Great use of light and color definitely Faved
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the Dies combat taedus Sendai is very cool, I like the shape of it's head and the incorporation of hair
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Yo have created a unique universe, this story is getting interesting.
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Oooooooo funky designs :'3 lorv the toning in this~ <3
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My thanks :) The toning is always fun to do in noir settings like this. There will be a lot more posted here in the future ;)
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Radio Head Guy is such a fatty. Eat some more light bulbs, fatty.
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You never know, you just might be onto something here. A little bot with an eating disorder, oh the shame of it all.
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nice! this is right up my alley
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My thanks :) I'm glad it's the type of thing you dig, there will be more of this stuff posted in the future.

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Sendai1: Say! Friend! Do you know a good oil bar and lube rack?
Sendai2: Yeah, check out the "Broken Gasket" on Bradbury and Heinlein. The lube bots are pretty good too but do that in the back room.

Looks great.
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Thanks, Mike! I'm glad you weren't offended by my comment, since I certainly didn't mean it that way. And I never thought that you would set out to "rip off" Death Note (or any other potential influence) anyway. It's just that to me, I can see a little of Shido in the "radio head' guy and a little of Ryuk in the taedus guy.(I think it has to do with the characters' beady, staring eyes and prominent teeth.) Anyway, great work as always!
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Oh, definitely no offense taken it's just something worth commenting on. Though I wasn't even remotely considering Death Note's Shinigami's when designing this stuff I can somewhat see what you mean in retrospect. Indeed they did have beady eyes XD
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is it just me, or do these characters look like cyborg versions of the Shinigami from Death Note?
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Death Note was the farthest thing from my mind imaginable when I did this illustration. The design aesthetics of the Sendai, FOILs, and much of the mecha from Theos Ke Polemos have been developing and evolving from a sense of visual language I've been exploring since literally early 1993. The toaster head fellow was totally inspired by classic 30s and 40s Bakelite Art Deco radios (a love of mine as I have a nice collection of them) and the other one was definitely influenced by dinosaur bones more than anything else along with my already established aesthetic leanings. That said, influences certainly are a part of my work (obviously the mecha genre has a sense of history and visual pastiche that defines it) but I often try my best to avoid going in any direction I have seen before. Sadly it's simply impossible to avoid some kind of similarities to something else that has been done as we're now in a rather small word due to the information age. 100% originality is difficult to impossible due to this but always an effort I intend to pursue as much as possible. I in no way took your observation in offense but felt it deserved some discussion as it's always a worthwhile challenge to attempt something new. Thanks, as always, for dropping in Mark :)
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wow, just... wow.
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Doh, DA and it's weird code, sorry for the repeat post but still appreciate the comment.
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Thank you kindly, I'm happy you dig it, appreciated :)
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I have got to say, that is an amazing coloring job. *wants tutorial!!* :D
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My thanks man, I appreciate the kind words :D You SO have some fantastic illos and mecha art going on yourself so I have to drop a :+devwatch: :)

Actually I planed to post a series of process images for this one, just need to put it together :) It won't be a proper tutorial though but it will be a snapshot of the process. That said I have plans to do some tutorials in the future for sure ;)
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again , amazing work
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Again my thanks, like the previous piece this one was a blast to work on, in some ways more for the lighting and atmosphere :)
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aaaaah refreshing robotic characters, i can sleep happy today
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Thank you very much :) I appreciate that as I have been working hard to explore places, with this material, I don't really see being explored too often.
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