Terms of Service and General Rules

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Terms of Service and General Rules

Please read over the group rules! Failure to follow the rules, will gain you a strike against your account, and after the 3rd strike you will formally be blacklisted from the group. However all circumstances will be looked at carefully. I understand that things are not always black and white, and exceptions may be made if the circumstances call for it.
Note: If something occurs in which something is not directly on this list or is indirect rule breaking, MAIMEDWOLF will deal with it on a case to case basis. It may end up on the rules page later. The rules page will be updated at any given time.

General Group Rules
• You do not need a vullowisp to join the group! There will be many ways you will be able to obtain one by being a member of the group, and watching MAIMEDWOLF.
• Please be kind to everyone! I will not tolerate bullying, begging, or guilt tripping. MAIMEDWOLFs always has the final say.
• Do not beg or solicit Vullowisps publicly OR privately.
• Art of any kind is allowed: Traditional drawings, digital, sculptures and many more!
• Mature artwork is fine as long as it holds a deviantart censor filter over it. Please no adult or overly explicit art. However you are allowed to draw it, just please keep it out of the group.
• Comment spam, chain messages, advertising, and other such things will be deleted immediately, and dealt with on a person to person basis.
MAIMEDWOLF always has the final say on all matters involving vullowisps. If you have missed an adopt, auction, or feel as if things weren’t handled “right” do not guilt trip anyone about it. If you do you may be blacklisted.
• Attempting to sell a design that isn’t yours will get you blacklisted immediately.

Resell Rules
• If you had obtained a vullowisp via auction, or flatsale you may resell your vullowisp for the same price that it was purchased or lower. Currently add on prices for extra art is not allowed.
• Please keep Resell, and trade journals in the correct folder.
• MYO designs may only be sold for the same price the slot was bought for.
• MYO ticket resells are allowed at this time but could possibly change at a later date. So please make sure you keep up with the rules if you decide to sell your MYO slot at a later date.

Design and Ownership Rules
• You must NOTE MoggieDelight with a link to your MYO design, and the rarities before submitting or publicly posting your MYO design. Changes may need to be made if they do not follow the rules.
• Follow the MYO GUIDE
• Refunds are not accepted.
• Changing the species of your design is not allowed, however you may have alternate species of the same design. (IE: You have a Vullowisp obtained through a MYO Auction or Flatsale. You decide that in an AU they might possibly be a dog, this is perfectly acceptable!)
• You may also draw your design as a human, or kemonomimi.
• Major redesigns, color shifts, and trait changes are only allowed through a ticket at the shop. However you do not need a ticket or permission to slight color changes, adding hair, clothing and minor edits.
• You may not make a profit, distribute, or use vullowisps for commercial purposes.
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Full ToS can be found HERE: www.vullowisp.com/tos.html
Updates include: Reselling clarified & MYO Submission !