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Welcome !

What are Vullowisp ?

Vullowisps are magical quadrupedal and bipedal creatures. They have sentience and are rather intelligent, beings. They are very human esque, they like to study and write and become smarter to gain more magical strength.
They are a closed species by moggiedeIight and CANNOT be created unless you have a MYO slot or approval.
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How do I get one ?

Check out moggiedeIight's page or join the group! I will hold MYO contests, selling MYO tickets, and adoptables.

Customs: CLOSED
MYO: No event at this time.
DTA: No event at this time.
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Submitting MYO for Approval !

Send the group a note with this filled out !
MYO Design: (Image Link)
Proof of MYO Slot: (Link)
Designer: (Username)

We will get back to you as soon as we can, and upload it to the Masterlist for you !
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Gallery Folders

Vullowisp - MYO Contest Entry - Lylian (NO WIN) by isaacboom
Raspberry Macaron : Maxene 2017 MYO CONTEST by Yumi-Cake
Mother's Ruin by Closet-Furry
Vullowisp MYO - Nightfall Magician by Origami-Tea
Vullowisp Kittens {FLATSALES} by MAIMEDWOLF
Vullowisp Auction {Help me see my friend!} by MAIMEDWOLF
Vullowisp {Flatsales} by MAIMEDWOLF
Candy Trixter Vullowisps {1 LEFT!!!} by MAIMEDWOLF
Character Registration
Frisk by gh0styb0i
Vullowisp Refs
Dusk reference (May 2019) by Origami-Tea
Cassiopeia Ref by berrykittens
MYO Vullowisp: Kokola Ref. by Yumi-Cake
deep sea (sort of ref) by larvesta
Vullowisp drawings
Crazy by AlvinRows
revontulet by AlvinRows
260521 by AlvinRows
Official MYOs
new year's colors by ikarnival
[Ref] Fortune Kitty - Yolk by zhenmiao
Vullowisp Myo - Koyoka by Oreneta
[Ref] Whimsy Hollow by zhenmiao
Trade resale Journals
Seeking Journals
Halloween Prompt
halloween prompt by AlvinRows


✨ Navigation ! ✨

Please check out our Website for species information !

✨ The Rules - Simplified. Please check the website for full rules.

Moggie's full ToS can be found here !
✨ You may not make a Vullowisp without a MYO Slot. MYO Slots can be obtained from moggiedeIight via events or sales.
Vullowisp obtained via Trade may not be resold.
✨ Do not resell Vullowisp for more than you paid for it. (+ Commissioned art.)
Notify VullowispMasterlist of ownership changes as soon as possible !
✨ Please be kind ! We will not tolerate harassment.

Breaking our rules will result in a temporary ban or blacklisting.

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Please always check the VullowispMasterlist before doing a trade/sale !
✨ Protect your images ! Watermark them !!
We cannot reimburse you if you get scammed. We will try our best to keep records up to date !
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