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Just found out there already exists work called "The Wolf Chronicles"... Ehh, you just can't be creative these days apparently without your name already being taken. Either way, this post is to emphasize that Vulkan (c) The Wolf Chronicles is completely stand-alone and has absolutely nothing to do with ANY other work, other than, already stated, slight inspiration from Ginga.
                        Rue Grin 
Who are you?
Somebody who's creating several webcomics at once. Call me Vulkan!
What is that mysterious new project you're working on?
It's not mysterious, just work in progress. Currently untitled, but first 9 full-color pages are already done. It's going to take place in WW2 on fictional world where all humans are replaced by dogs. Literally. The entire mankind history, but with dogs. Two opposing sides both embark on quest in Arctic and both teams leave one of their own behind. With no help coming, the two must either work together and survive the long trek to civilization or die fighting each other.
What genre the comic will be?
What about your other comic, The Wolf Chronicles?
Just a little side project, done in very simple style. It's about wild dogs with the minds of men, who have been living solitary for so long that they've developed various ''countries'' - basically huge packs with armies (dog packs), fortresses (really well fortified dens) and societies. TWC focuses on the Prussian dog group who encounter some difficulties after their leader (The Kaiser) has been killed by a rebelling group. It's inspired by the October Revolution and the Great French Revolution.
Does the story take place in actual Prussia?
Nope, in Finland.
Do dogs use human weapons?
They steal knives and swords from humans.
So it's not really about wolves?
Do both your comics take place in the same universe?
No. TWC takes place in normal universe, medieval period (even through it's like 19th century for the dogs), with characters living alongside humans,  while new one is fictional/alternative universe where  humans does not exist.
Do dogs speak?
No, they don't. In both comics they don't open their mouth and let the words out by moving their tongue, as shown in literally all sentient animal animated series/movies. They communicate via telepathy, only the person they wish to speak must be right besides, for telepathy to work. For long distances they do use sounds such as howls and barks. If they really want to emphasize a point or yell at someone, then they'll also be using sounds instead of telepathy, even if the one they talk to is beside them.
That goes for both comics.
In the upcoming one, obviously, they also use sounds when talking through radio or any other technological device, such as microphone during public speeches. Those will usually be growls and whines of various pitches, following small ''woofs'', with coming to actual barks only when they're agitated or worried. 
Do they have different languages in your upcoming comic?
No. Since they use telepathy there is no need for languages. There is a little difference only in how each culture has developed their words, and have different synonyms for the same words. For example ''king'' will be called ''kaiser'' in Germanic regions and ''tzar'' in Russia. Yet, foreign dogs can still understand each other through telepathy and verbal sounds without learning the language. They do, however, have to learn the language if they want to READ foreign texts, such as newspapers and letters, because the written text differs greatly.
Will you continue TWC?
Only if there's enough interest by readers, so tell your friends!
When is your new project coming out?
Anything I can do to quicken the pace and make you work faster?
Yes! Unlike other artists, I greatly appreciate ''when is the next page'' kind of comments, and any comments at all. They let me know that people are interested in my works and makes me concentrate more on actually drawing something. I ignore favorites, so if you really like the thing I do, only way to let me know is by commenting and watching, not favoriting. It usually takes 1 - 2 comments of people expecting continuation to get the next page released right away. Who knows, maybe good comments can even help me reduce the time it takes for opening my new project. It could be 2018, not 2019 if there's interest!
Can you suggest me a comic?
Look no further than here ->… This collection is easy to understand since there is no more than one page per comic.
Do you do commissions?
Yes. Check below for current status!

:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen: :iconcollabsask: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconkiribansonhold:  :iconpointcommissionsopen:

P.S. Yes, I animated my own avatar.


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