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I'm writing in this...ok. I don't know what's come over me, but whatever. Maybe endless boredom, but it's better than school.

Anyway, I gots me a replacement for my ancient Photoshop Elements 4. CS5! Ah, student discounts, bringing the cost down to 180 bucks! I can't find a thing wrong with it, so far. It allows me to shoot in RAW format finally, and gives me options I never had in Elements. But, there is one problem with this working with my new lappy. The screen shows the image differently than it actually is, which is A PAIN IN THE ASS...just sayin. I'm not sure if its the color calibration, but it's slightly annoying. I probably won't be complaining in a month or so, but I HAS ME A RIGHT TO COMPLAIN RIGHT NOW! Alright, I'm out.