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Mature content
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 19 [Levi x Reader] :iconutxop:utxop 18 11
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 18 [Levi x Reader]
Chapter Seventeen:
(Warning: swearing)
Pitchers clang and chatter thundered between broad smiles and peals of laughter, the large room brightly lighted and riddled with bragging teens who had replaced their uniforms by shirts and skirts and loose fabrics draped on their still scar-free skin. Your back rested on one of the stone walls, eyes wandering over the space around and not quite hearing Ben proposing you a drink for the umpteenth time and Emil telling him once again that you were fine – and eyes not so unconsciously shifting and stopping maybe way too often on the closed entry on your right, and heart hassling your ribcage with both pounding and fear from the moment you stepped in Trost this afternoon.
Your thoughts were elsewhere, even though you knew they should be on these kids, and it did hurt somehow – to know they wouldn’t be part of your everyday life anymore, and that their smooth skins were abo
:iconutxop:utxop 13 11
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 17 [Levi x Reader]
Chapter Sixteen:
(Warning: swearing)
“Can I ask you what it says?”
Erwin’s stare shifted from the envelope to your face, his feet halting, leaving you two standing in the middle of the courtyard as the breeze wafted some strands of hair in front of your eyes, clogging your vision from the empty field ahead.
You felt your brows furrow as you tucked the locks back behind your ear, pondering about the things you should tell him and about the things you shouldn’t. He was in right to ask what this thing was about from the moment you requested him to play the messenger but, there were things you needed to keep for yourself – things you needed to keep for him.
“That I’d like Petra to be transferred into his squad.”
For a moment, you almost wanted to tell Erwin to give you back that letter, to destroy it along with the poor apologies carved in it, and just forget ab
:iconutxop:utxop 17 6
Mature content
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 16 [Levi x Reader] :iconutxop:utxop 17 21
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 15 [Levi x Reader]
Chapter Fourteen:
(Warning: swearing)
Two years later, 850.
“And what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
Just like that, all their previous excitement washed off, tensed and wide-eyed, everyone slowly turning to look over their shoulder as you walked leisurely to the middle of the field, hands shoved in your coat pockets, stopping right in front of the two girls – who seemed to have forgotten what the concept of batting a lash even was – just glaring at each other.
“So?” you asked, feigning interest, raising your brows and cocking your head to the side, waiting for one of them to give you an answer, even though, the ‘activities’ they were about to get into were more than obvious.
Charcoal blue eyes shifted from their initial prey to you, dark and dull, Mikasa’s shoulders dropping a little, seemingly disappointed to have been interrupted in her high.
:iconutxop:utxop 11 11
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 14 [Levi x Reader]
Chapter Thirteen:
(Warning: swearing, moderate gore and violence)
Without you even had time to comprehend your body was moving, your hands clasped the controls on the side of your legs. Out of the fog, the drizzle melded with the spatters of blood erupting from the titan’s teeth. It tinted the rain in a faded pink as it plunged from the clouds, contrasting with the homogeneous grey surrounding you, and maybe it could have been beautiful in another situation or if it would have been some kind of natural phenomenon, but it wasn’t peaceful, nor was it beautiful. It was everything you were afraid of, and it was just falling on you again.
The titan gulped, the thick lump sliding down its throat, suddenly making all your muscles tense, your mind shut, only allowing you a brief second of doubt before they decided to take the move for you. Not even a scream echoed. It was too sudden for that. But the last spark of life you
:iconutxop:utxop 19 12
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 13 [Levi x Reader]
Chapter Twelve:
(Warning: swearing, moderate gore)
The pounding of your heart was blindfolding, deafening. Your vision clouded, stamped in tiny black specks, the pictures blurrier and blurrier, the buzz in your ears ringing, all the racket, all the voices, muffled. Levi was speaking, shouting even. Out of the stifled din, it was the only thing you could hear. Still, it was all just syllables, noises, without any articulated words in there – none you could discern. It was just another layer on the nauseous pile of feelings you already had. You prayed for silence, utter and irrevocable. One you could relish in, and that might end up freeing you.
When the iron taste of blood reached the buds of your tongue, your teeth eventually let go of your cheek, leaving your fingers wiping the small crimson drops that had fallen on your lips, instantly washed off by the stream of cool water falling from the sky.
A pair of silver eyes m
:iconutxop:utxop 24 9
Guilty as Charged [Thug!Levi x Police!Reader] [AU]
[Levi’s perspective:]
Chaos ensues in the alley outside this cloudy, filthy bar. A foul blend of alcohol, cigarette smoke, blood and sweat permeate through the cramped space as chairs fly and punches are thrown. The commanding shouts of the police officers cut through the unintelligible mass of curses and threats from the brawl, merely adding to the deafening volume and decreasing what little space was left. I sink back into the shadows, observing the scene before me, undetected by the angry drunkards or frustrated cops in their struggle for victory. Although I utterly despise soiling my hands, I stand guilty for starting this. I purposely angered the sloppiest, worst tempered, alcohol induced moron on the scene. All of this idiocy happened for one purpose only:
I knew you would be dispatched here.
Yes, although a newly fledged police officer, you would be dragged here along with your superiors, adding to the brute force needed to suppress this madness.
You know I’m here. I
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 175 86
Enough - [Punk!Levi x Prostitute!Reader] [AU]
You slid down the cold metallic pole. The music faded, and the stuffy, dark room erupted into cheers, catcalls and whistles. Immediately, you turned a heel and concealed yourself behind the thick curtains as the next performers strutted their way out. The choreographer, the sweet little ginger, Petra Ral, clasped her hands in delight, as your boss naturally looked unimpressed as usual.
“Perfect!” she cheered, grabbing your shoulders with a bright smile. “You performed yet another flawless routine!”
You chuckled and sipped the water from your container. “Thanks a lot. They seemed to like it okay.”
Your boss, Oluo Bozado, scoffed and flipped his thick, curled locks . “Of course, they pay money to like it, so they’d better.”
Petra rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Knock it off! She did great even without their approval!” She gave him a sharp bat upside the head.
“Hey! I could get you fired for that!”
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 825 169
Insomnia [Levi x Reader] AU
10:15 PM - Hey, you still awake.
10:16 PM - Yeah, what’s up, Levi?
10:16 PM - Nothing, just watching videos, bored as fuck.
10:17 PM - Yeah, I’m the same. I’m trying to sleep, but I can’t.
10:18 PM - Isn’t it a bit early for that?
10:19 PM - Not everyone has a fucked up sleep schedule like you, Levi.
10:20 PM - You got a point. So, what are you doing?
10:35 PM - Hey. You ditchin’ me?
10:37 PM - Sorry. I’ve been reading.
10:38 PM - You’re book that more interesting than talking to me?
10:40 PM - Right now, yes, I’m at a good part.
10:40 PM - Aw, come on.
10:41 PM - I’m just being honest.
10:42 PM - You’re a cunt.
10:44 PM - Fair enough. You’re a dick.
10:45 PM - Touche.
11:17 PM - Babe.
11:20 PM - Babe.
11:23 PM - Baaaaaaaaaaaabe.
11:27 PM - I got a tattoo on my ass.
11:29 PM - And my dick.
11:35 PM - Really, babe?!
11:37 PM - Oh my gosh, what is it, Levi?!
11:37 PM - Did you fucking die on me?
11:39 PM - I f
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 273 105
To Repair the Broken - Chapter 12 [Levi x Reader]
Chapter Eleven:
(Warning: swearing, blood, ACWNR spoilers)
Six years ago, just before your initial step out of the Walls, you asked your leader what it was like, how it felt when you sensed the Outside for the first time. He said something that had been imprinted in your mind since then. He said that no matter how much sorrow it could bring, you always feel the urge to come back. You couldn’t understand. Maybe that man found some sort of poesy in having death around when it was in such a beautiful setting. Maybe the years he spent in the Corps made him insane. Maybe he just grew accustomed to it. But then, when you tasted the air of a world that had no boundaries for the first time, it became clear.
The adrenaline, the beauty, the fear, and most of all, the freedom that it brought, all combined together – you experienced what it really was like to be alive. It made every hair on your body raise, all your nerves awake
:iconutxop:utxop 24 23
For You Only [PTSD!Levi x Reader] AU
( Please listen while you read!)
“Ah, that’s the last of it,” you murmured to yourself, placing the last of the pristine dishes into the glass cabinet.
You dried the excess water off your hands, chapped and red. Every light in the house had been switched off, save for the main lamp within the living room, its cool light keeping you company. As clean cut and expensive as this loft was, it often felt cold compared to the little houses and apartments you had grown accustomed to. But, being married to Levi Ackerman, CEO to the biggest cleaning company known in the nation, it was a minor inconvenience. It meant you were well off, right?
Oh, but it was more than that, much, much more.
Levi once lived on the streets. He lead the most terrifying gang in the city. He terrorized all those who dared crossed his path, and each of his members were notorious criminals in some form or fashion. After finally being jailed and reprimanded for
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 403 89
Words of Love [Levi x Reader] AU
“Fuck you.”
“Love you too, Levi.”
You didn’t even bother looking up from your book as your husband brushed by you with his mouth so foul, it would rival week old garbage. You continued to absorb yourself in the picture painted by words and sentences, listening to the crackling of the fireplace before you.
With a grunt, he flopped himself in his favorite leather seat and flipped his lighter. You prepared yourself for the wafting of nicotine soon to come.
“You know, for one who claims to hate the norm so much,” he grumbled, taking in a drag of the addictive material. “I’m pretty fuckin’ surprised you actually made plans for Valentine’s.”
“Hn,” you replied, flipping to the next page.
“Oi, dumb bitch, you listenin’ to me?”
“I said, what’s with the Valentine plans? I thought you were against going with the flow, or whatever the hell you call it?” if loo
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 308 53
Prince [Child!Levi x Abused!Child!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
You never believed in fairytales. You heard a few of the neighborhood girls whisper among themselves of whimsical tales and stories of beautiful princesses, of handsome princes on white horses rescuing their loves from fates worse than death. Where they conjured up so fantastical nonsense, you were unsure. As you wandered the infested alleys of the slums, reeking of death, filled with the cries of the tortured and dying, and as you gripped your arms, decorated with purple and red, you knew no such things existed.
Last night was the final straw. Your deadbeat father once more shuffled into your home at the ungodly hours of the morning, the stench of alcohol wafting off his person.
Everything blurred after that. Glass shattered. Large hands pulled and tugged at your scalp, nearly ripping the skin from your skull. Your heart nearly stopped.
“Run, baby!! Run!!”
The screams of your mother ech
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 281 125
Toxic [Thug!Levi x Student!Reader] AU
“Don’t move.”
Sinking your teeth into the sore of your tender lip, you nod. Slick hands pin your wrists above your head, restraining your movement. Hot kisses trail along the line of your neck, the lengths of your arms, your stomach. Bites indent the tender skin. Short gasps and soft moans escape the depths of your chest as his weight sank you into the creaking bad.
He is wrong for you.
Nothing more, nothing less.
What else is to be said?
You belong to a descent home and attended school as you are supposed to. You finish your homework early. You join clubs suited to your tastes. He wanders the streets, skipping school, smoking behind the building while the other students busied over their work. His strength and attitude make the stupid, cliche bullies in your school look like flimsy wimps.
It resembles the sun and the moon, summer and winter. Two people couldn’t possible be more different.
But, one chance encounter in the hallway was all you needed.
Days turns i
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 367 36
Make You Feel My Love (Levi X Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read! (I suggest Glee, Lea's performance is so emotional :heart: )
Glee's- ~

When the rain is blowing in your face,
And the whole world is on your case,
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love.

    The tension in his shoulders was clearly visible, as the lilac crescents beneath his eyes and the scowl decorating his chapped lips. Despite having your comforting presence by his side, it didn't bring him much consolation when all he heard in his minds was the angry chants of citizens. He knew he wasn't expected to save everyone, yet the tears and screams had seared themselves into his mind to forever follow him in his wake.
    Inhaling sharply, you knew he wouldn't speak of his pain before you, or anyone for that matter. Yet a large piece of you desired to help him regardless of his protests. He seemed as if he was succumbin
:icongreystream:Greystream 141 38



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