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I am here for the ARPGs, mostly to destress after long days of work.

If I draw, it's for an ARPG. I do not do commissions unless they are for genos, ingame currency or items.

I don't talk a lot and am generally quite a bit unsocial.

(Though, I really try to do my best and make friends!)



Where do you get your textures/photo resources?

- hands down best site on the internet

What program do you use to paint?

- Photoshop 22

What brushes?

- All I can get my hands on. I am not even joking.

Do you photobash?

- I try to. But not always, I still find it somewhat uncomfortable. But I hope to do it more often as time goes on.

Do you do commissions?

- No. I use this account to get away from exactly that, sorry. However, I am easily swayed by rare geno, items and other arpg things.