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In painting, I am an idealist. I see only the beautiful in art and, for me, art is the beautiful.

- William-Adolphe Bouguereau

I am Vuek

(rhymes with puke)

I am mainly here for ARPGs. My goal in life is to learn how to paint really well, which is going slowly into the right direction. One day I will be happy (probably).

I use Photoshop '23, Procreate and CSP to paint, any brushes I can get my hands on. Sometimes I use MSPaint though, just to suffer for a little while. I also use other tools to help me, such as all kinds of 3d software, although I am still learning a lot about those!

If you are into 3d modelling, talk to me about it. It will make me happy 🤠

My Current Projects cactus pixel emoticon

* Rexalia (ARPG Group)

* Helvedr (Felvarg Pack)

I also help around various other ARPGs, wherever my heart leads me! I love doing art with different critters, so if you have an ARPG in the works, feel free to request some art from me and we can figure something out! Sometimes I just do it for nothing in exchange if I love your species' anatomy enough.

If you want to make me happy, go visit Rexalia and take a look. We are in beta phase since a year now, after five years of work! My very heart lies in that world and it would mean a lot if you could check it out!

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