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PWN Design Contributors

I am making a shout out box to everyone who helps keep this page going by contributing to the PWN Design Patreon project. In hopes to help Deviants get more exposure on their deviantart page or online portfolio or both.

Thank you all for being a great community and making it possible to reach out to so many people!

Special thanks to these contributors:

-Mark Rabenhorst (a.k.a Kivak Wolf):
-Gabriella Galasso Nuttall

Gallery Folders

The Last Castle by penwiper
The Glass Sagas - Kierst Sohn Keep 1 by cyNickalCyn
A Vue of the Forest of Embracing 1 by cyNickalCyn
Sunday Morning by xmas-kitty
Vue Renders
The Gulf of Pollyanna by arachnid223
Mansion in the Mountains by Six-Kings
Riverwalk by fractal2cry
Norma by FGZwergnase
Terragen Renders
Mayday by SwissAdA
The Journey VII by gerberc
Caldera by gerberc
Moon 6 by gerberc
MoJo Renders
Tauri III by 3DVitality
Way to the Moon by Nadia-design
Tribute to 50's SCIFI covers by Casperium
Mojo - Lost by LightDrop
Geo Control Renders
Mount Something by artech7
Frontier by artech7
We'll See by artech7
Geo Control test 2 by artech7
Bryce Renders
Winter Wonderland by xmas-kitty
Alpine Landscape by xmas-kitty
The Little Pond by c-ramgfx
Pirates by xmas-kitty
DAZ and POSER Renders
Kid Poison Ivy by MargyThunderstorm

Mature Content

Window Gaze by ONLYoneCANNOLI
Vue Tutorials
a big rock by pataphysic
Vue Waterfall Material Tutorial 1 - Metablob by cyNickalCyn
fall night by pataphysic
Create A Hologram With Vue by ONLYoneCANNOLI
Cinema 4D Tutorials
C4D -- Other color on the edge by SMOKEYoriginalHD
Tutorial: DynamicsBody - Force by SMOKEYoriginalHD
Cinema 4D -- Compositing Tut. by SMOKEYoriginalHD
Free Resources
Snowy Tree by xmas-kitty
Sea Cave Bryce7 by xmas-kitty
Wings3d Tutorial, Layered Rocks by xmas-kitty
Contest submissions 2012 CLOSED CONTEST
King Of The Jungle by fractal2cry
Contest Submissions CLOSED CONTEST
Sleep tight by Klontak
Tooele Utah Atmosphere by artech7
New To Vue
Hot Storm by BlueIce74
Works in Progress
Ring Test 2 by Niko22966
Vue-Tuts premium folder
Game Development

Recent Journal Entries

Large Mansion from Cornucopia by anne1956

If Someone Should be Featured in DeviantArt, Should be the Most Lovely Artistic Souls.

The Patrons of Art are the ones that make DeviantArt What it is today.

The ones that Give Most Support And Love to Art.

Sometimes are alot more important

Than the Greatest Artist Themselfs.

Because This Greatest Hearts

Allow ART to live 

In its Purest form 

With Enthusiasm Dedication
Support and Freedom.

anne1956's Profile Picture

The German Artist



Its not just a Amazing patron of Arts

With countless benevolent supports to hundreds Artists Across its live.

Yet most of all to all She is !

A Amazing Enthusiastic deep friend of all us !

A Most Dearest Kind and Amazing Lovely person !

But Also a Deeply Amazing Prolific Artist

That can truly Show trough Its Art



Because In its best What is Art really ?


Anne Schuster

Constantly Shows it.

But Lets know A little bit more About ANNE Personally!

Wile We browse for some of Its Amazing Divine Nature Arts ^^


Ann-Katrin Schuster 
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Hello, I like to do pictures on my computer in my days off or vacation days with a 3D application called Vue Complete 2014. Since I can't make objects, first of all I´d like to thank and give credits to all of you people all over the internet where I collected and bought objects all over the years, hopefully you understand that I cannot mention all of you by name. If you want to be mentioned, note me and I'll be happy to grant your wish. Thank you so much. Without you I could`t make my pictures. Be sure you have my deepest appreciation.

Sno by anne1956

How long have you been on DeviantArt?  

 Three years, but I really became active on dA in September last year

Message In A Bottle by anne1956

What does your username mean?

 Friends call me Anne and 1956 is my year of birth

Eagles and Mountains by anne1956

Describe yourself in three words. 

Altruistic, extrovert, life-loving

Mountain Pond Nu1 by anne1956

Are you left or right handed ?

Right handed!

Other Spring by anne1956

What was your first deviation?

The spring

spring by anne1956

What is your favorite type of art to create?  

3D art!

M. Grimes by anne1956

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?  

Oil painting!

And Again Winter by anne1956

What was your first favourite?

    Life in Miniature by jbjdesigns

Life in Miniature by jbjdesigns

What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

  3D art !

Evening Tranquility by anne1956

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?  

Bisonroam1 by fractal2cry Fox050815 by fractal2cry

Athena for thormanoftunder by FaceGeneratorEva Green Ancient Scene by FaceGenerator

Check out Ann "Awsome3D" favorites!…

Scene01a by anne1956

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

 All my dA friends !

summergrass by anne1956

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?  

My dA friends let me believe in the goodness of mankind.

Eagles and Mountains by anne1956

What are your preferred tools to create art?  

Vue Complete 2015 

ColdRoad 1 8a by anne1956

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?  

From the universe to my pc desk !

Porch1 by anne1956

What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

The moment when I realized that I can really improve thru the advice of my dA friends !

Stork Love by anne1956


Go Check now anne1956 Amazing Gallery !
And fill her with hugs And favorites ! 

Sno by anne1956:thumb467706197: Message In A Bottle by anne1956 Other Spring by anne1956 Berge by anne1956 Boatandrocks reloaded by anne1956 spring by anne1956 Eagles and Mountains by anne1956 Mountain Pond Nu1 by anne1956 And Again Winter by anne1956 M. Grimes by anne1956 ColdRoad 1 8a by anne1956 Drinking Deer by anne1956 Beauty Of Winter by anne1956 Abandoned Alpine House by anne1956 Sun by anne1956 Scene01a by anne1956 Renewable Energy Sources by anne1956 Sunset Cove by anne1956 Late Fall by anne1956 Strand Nochmal by anne1956 Lonesome Driver by anne1956 Heaven by anne1956 Toskana by anne1956 Alpine Vue by anne1956 November by anne1956 January by anne1956 Winterbeach by anne1956 Swans by anne1956:thumb489442846: Beachpath by anne1956 Winter In The Middle Of Nowhere by anne1956:thumb481650815: North by anne1956 Mr. and Mrs. Swan1 by anne1956 Autumn by anne1956 Ummhh, yet another sunset by anne1956 Wald by anne1956 Stork Love by anne1956 Coast Road 01 by anne1956 Winter by anne1956 Beauty of decay by anne1956 Xmas2014 by anne1956 Serene Scene by anne1956 Cliffs by anne1956 Country Road by anne1956 Alpine Spring by anne1956 Forest1 by anne1956 Encounter In Whiteout by anne1956 Westerhever by anne1956 Nusea by anne1956 Ducks In Spring by anne1956 Ducks by anne1956 ForestviewDrive1by Howie Farkes remade by me by anne1956 Honeymoon Sky Nu by anne1956 Springnu by anne1956 Winter's Day by anne1956 Sky And Sea by anne1956 Is ice-fishing fun ? by anne1956 Christmas 2014 with Santa by anne1956 Beach by anne1956 MyMansion by anne1956 In The Wild by anne1956 Outlook by anne1956:thumb494683888: Seanu by anne1956 Aaand Summer! by anne1956 Xmas scene13 by anne1956 Where The Eagle Flies by anne1956 Sunsetnu by anne1956 Liro1 by anne1956 Birdman's Mansion on the beach by anne1956 Sunset With Seagull by anne1956 Country Road In Winter by anne1956 Fallen tree by anne1956 Hausy by anne1956 Living In The Middle Of Nowhere by anne1956 Secluded Beach by anne1956 Road by anne1956 Altai Sunrise by anne1956 Minimalism by anne1956 Nature by anne1956 Look Listen Learn by anne1956 Mallorca poppies by anne1956:thumb483717530::thumb523289285: Falcons by anne1956 Tuscany Again by anne1956 Sunset by anne1956 Porch1 by anne1956 winterroad by anne1956:thumb489437024: Aa Winter1 by anne1956:thumb487979592: Another Road In Winter by anne1956 Road with three birds by anne1956 Male by anne1956 Hotel Pool with New Year celebration by anne1956:thumb539163293: Vacation by anne1956 Beach Evening by anne1956:thumb496294144: Another Outlook by anne1956 Large Mansion from Cornucopia by anne1956 Interior1 by anne1956 Last Paradise by anne1956 Hmmh by anne1956 Rosenzauber by anne1956 Friends by anne1956 Squirrel by anne1956 Waiting for Christmas1 by anne1956 Beach  by anne1956 witten by anne1956 Squirrelspring by anne1956 Toskana Renewed by anne1956 Balcony by anne1956 ...and then all of us fly way up north, united! by anne1956 Nuliro by anne1956 Love by anne1956 Art Deco Manor by anne1956

Sunset And Couple by anne1956 We know we aren't allowed to be here, but it's ... by anne1956 Gone Yachting by anne1956 ...Speaking Of Winter... by anne1956 Beach With Path Hubby Goes Surfin' by anne1956:thumb537482230: Nu2 by anne1956 Mohnwiese by anne1956 Aa Fruhling by anne1956 Flamingoes by anne1956 Winterriver by anne1956 BeachScape by anne1956 Interior 1 by anne1956 Full Moon by anne1956 Room with a view by anne1956 Honeymoon Sky by anne1956:thumb518812838: Landscape Waterscape by anne1956 Having a good time by anne1956 Somewhere I must have taken a wrong turn... by anne1956 Hm, is that nest inhabited? by anne1956 Sudsee1 by anne1956 Sloop by anne1956 Rivalry by anne1956 Sub-kultur by anne1956 Birdman's Mansion on KarenVerba's island by anne1956 Deep In The Wilderness by anne1956 Forest At The Lake by anne1956 If you have an itch to scratch... by anne1956 Mallorca poppies m wom by anne1956 Aa Sommer by anne1956 Field Work by anne1956 Aa Herbst by anne1956 evening on the beach by anne1956 Winternu1 by anne1956 summergrass by anne1956 Home alone by anne1956 Aquatic Animals by anne1956 Hubby Goes Surfin' Reloaded by anne1956 Path With Rabbit by anne1956 Flight by anne1956 wreck by anne1956 Aa Sommer by anne1956 Livingroom 56 by anne1956:thumb513005080: Shipblu by anne1956 Nu by anne1956:thumb479992705: Careful Approach by anne1956 Wald1 by anne1956 Winter's Day Xmas by anne1956 Hope by anne1956 Wwoohhnn by anne1956 The Meeting by anne1956 A New Beginning by anne1956:thumb517500717: Li Ro 2 by anne1956 Metal Planet by anne1956 Testing The New Supersonic Drive by anne1956 Rocky Beach by anne1956 Have a seat, relax, celebrate life. by anne1956 Vanity by anne1956 Evening Tranquility by anne1956   Boatandrocks by anne1956 Alienated by anne1956 Fabelar's Livingroom 23 other side by anne1956 Miniworld by anne1956:thumb519304654: Biker by anne1956

-----♥♥------PUT THIS 
---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR
---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF
---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

Some of Ann's Personal remarks 

The girl you just called fat?

--she is overdosing on diet pills.

The girl you just called ugly?
--she spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.

The boy you just tripped?
--he is being abused enough at home.

See that man with the ugly scars?
--he fought bravely for his country.

That guy you just made fun of for crying?
--his mother is dying.

Please put this in your profile if you're against bullying.

<da:thumb id="390222123"/> <da:thumb id="205098306"/> <da:thumb id="375722671"/> <da:thumb id="244198447"/> <da:thumb id="143031748"/> <da:thumb id="289636200"/>

If you Get the Opportunity to Enjoy ANNE Presence .

You Will Surely Will learn that ...

"Live is Short for all, So be Sure To Live it Positively Artistically 
Supporting each others all most Enthusiastically you can.

Sharing that Enthusiasm and sharing that love for living Trough Art."

Thank you ANNE For your Such Amazing Altruistic Companionship to us all.

Within the International Community of Artists.

Our community and our lives Without you would never be the same,

So positive and so Cheerful and so Alive.

As just you are.


Thank you for Being so closely amazing  to all us.



More Journal Entries

Group Info

Vue-Tuts, in affiliation with PWN Design Studio, is a group dedicated to bringing the best possible resources for many different types of 3D projects. What started as a Vue only group, Vue-Tuts quickly grew into a group that support all sorts of 3D applications, with free resources (some premium content), tutorials, and just plain old good community support.

Vue-Tuts quickly grew into a proper group of many different kinds of artists, different people, and great minds! Many talented people submit often to our group, and we make it possible for them to get noticed. If you would like to join and contribute to the group, by all means, please! We accept beginners and professionals alike. We don't hold any prejudice towards anyone. We are a community of helpers, educators, and students first, critics last. However, we will always critique constructively when asked or if we see something we think we can provide more information and resource on.

Thank you for looking at Vue-Tuts!

If you are already a member, please share this group with anyone you think can contribute or benefit from this group.

-Dylan Yarbrough
Founded 7 Years ago
Aug 26, 2011


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Resources & Tutorials

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Digital Media

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