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Oct. 2016:
I'm exceedingly busy nowadays with work, grad school, freelance commercial work, so I am sorry to say I'm very very slow with personal/character commissions. Please send me a note or email me at vtasart (at) with the details of your commission and I will quote you a price depending on your request (usually $100+). I very rarely check dA these days, so you'll get much faster responses from my email. Please understand that I may have a backlog and won't be able to get started with you immediately (however if you are willing to pay more for a specific deadline, we can work something out!).

For commercial inquiries, you can contact me at the same email.

Generally, the commissions process works like this:
After we agree on the commission and price, you pay half upfront. Then I send you a few works-in-progress (WIPs) such as composition thumbnails and rough colors and you can let me know if the piece is heading in the right direction and if you want me to make any changes. After you've seen an advanced draft, I will ask you to pay the rest of the commission price, and then I will send you the final illustration. If there's anything you want edited in the final, I will be happy to make small changes for free. However, large changes after the work is finished will require additional payment (because you would have had many chances before the end to get those aspects changed).

Finally, I enjoy a certain level of artistic freedom to do whatever I want. But you can let me know which aspects are vital to your character (such as scar/jewelry/defining marks) or image (such as mood/tone/etc) and I will do my best to keep those things accurate.

(Old journal for reference: Commission Types) | Terms of Service


At the moment, PAYPAL is the only acceptable form of payment.
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