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I'll be tabling at Anime Expo Los Angeles this year with the amazing:
:icon253421: :iconloosty: :iconillycia: :iconfeeshseagullmine:

Artist Alley this year is inside Kentia Hall!

Table L32-33


You can find it near the Parking Lots by going down the escalators to the right of the South Lobby.

Just a huge thank you to everyone who's helped share and support this! We were super successful at 58k and over 1,000 backers!

And you should check out :iconvanilluxepavilion:'s music with my Pokemon fanart. I found it very soothing C: Her other songs are great too!


:iconangelofdeathz: is doing a Fire Emblem art book! Click for the Kickstarter!

and also thank you for the bday art!
Princess of Knights by AngelofDeathz


I greatly appreciate all the happy birthday wishes! And am happy to be able to announce, on my birthday, this awesome thing :"D

Some of you might have seen this already, but for those who haven't...
With the advent of Aqualumina, a not-for-profit Kickstarter, and a team of wonderful people who have helped along the way, we can try to make KC a reality once again!

It's been 4 years since my friend and I first organized and released Kingdom-Carousel Art book. We were able to donate almost $10,000 to charity, an unprecedented amount at the time, and all due to the amazing powers of our supporters here on DA! We answered "no" to a reprint back then because KC had taken hundreds of hours to organize and months of of our lives, so we weren't in any shape to continue ordering and shipping the books.

The Art of Aqualumina Kickstarter went live today—and one of the stretch goals, is to release the 2nd Edition of the Kingdom-Carousel Art Book!

Check it out!

There's tons of beautiful new art as well as new merch (sketchbooks, umbrellas, tote bags, etc) I can guarantee it worth the visit!

The Aqualumina Deluxe Edition I designed:

All the profits will benefit, an international charity organization dedicated to bringing safe drinking water and sanitation to those without, so please help us spread the word! (that would be the best bday present :"D)

Thank you!! :hug:

UPDATE - almost there! Only $103 left to go on her campaign!

  If one more person helps out, you'll have a 25% chance of getting additional art from me! C:

hey all! 

so a close friend of mine is doing a small commission campaign for the International Rescue Committee, for refugees. Many of us take for granted basic human rights, and forget that in many countries, refugees (those forced to flee their homes) lack such basic human rights and are often taken advantage of by human traffickers.

Total campaign goal is $300, however her commission slots have no minimum! Once she accepts the commission, donations will be sent straight to the campaign page set up here

She is opening up 2 slots at a time with the idea that you can help this organization and get a little bit of art out of your donation as a bonus :heart:

Refugee Charity Commission [OPEN] + BONUS::UPDATES::
10 March 2016: Hi guys! Sorry for the radio silence on this! Stuff cropped up unexpectedly in between then and now, including technical dramas such as the breaking of my tablet (it has since been replaced, hallelujah!). During that time, however, the DIY campaign ended. Some of the money sits still in my paypal, and I'm still hoping to reach my $300 goal! 
:star: Amount raised so far: USD$197.42 (currency exchange rates are based on google)
The Why:
So... refugees. Almost every country is experiencing this global problem in one way or another. It's not something many of us like to think about - being forced to flee your own home only to face prejudice, human cruelties and helplessness at every turn. Not to mention the dangerous conditions in which a lot of these refugees travel. If you have not read about the horrendous manners human traffickers have been exploiting the situation, it might be of interest to so

I have volunteered some of my time as well: At the end of the campaign, all participants will be raffled for art from me! :"D

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we'd definitely appreciate a signal boost even if you don't plan on commissioning her!

UPDATE: I will also be at AX 2015! Table C63 with :icon253421:

We had a group table request, so I'm excited! :iconcaephuier: :iconillycia: and :iconminevi: are all right next to me! :"D

Click for expanded version~

hey everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus. orz'' changed jobs...applied to grad health problems...crazy things. I haven't been online in quite some time, so haven't had time to look through notes yet, but I will clean up this account and respond in about a week.

in the meantime, you can new stuff on
vtasart (tumblr)

 ♥ twitter
 ♥ instagram

and I was with
:iconillycia: at Fanime 2015

if you have any questions/concerns/problems you can always email me at vtasart [at] gmail [dot] com

Anime Expo LA - July 3-6 (Thurs, Friday, Sat, Sun)

Table C72

with the lovely :iconillycia: :la:

and the entire hall I just realized I made the path from the exit, whoops--:

I will be selling a few new prints
(some of which I hope I can finish in time...) such as:
-Game of Thrones
-SnK (new one)
-Ghost Trick
-Hunger Games
-Supernatural (new ones)
-maybe more if I finish
-some unposted originals

and of course, my book :la:
Note: Old reworked prints will be very very limited - I won't be reprinting most of them so unfortunately, you will have to find them in my book instead
Hi everyone! :heart:

I'd like to give you all a couple weeks notice that I will be cleaning up my gallery/scraps after AX (so you have until July 7).

I don't like it when an artist I'm watching either suddenly disappears or deletes a huge bunch of stuff without warning (though I can completely understand the occasional urge to ragequit art/life/da and fall into despair) so I'm giving prior warning I get that what I think is shit, not everyone might think is shit so.... On the other hand, I'm not sure yet how much I'm actually going to remove (I'm kinda a packrat too), and you might not see much of a difference at all when I get around to it, but just in case I'm feeling particularly... vicious about my art...

I will also be UPDATING a lot of my artwork so I guess you can save the original versions or something if you really feel like it, haha.
Thank you so much :iconiingo: for suggesting and :iconry-spirit: for featuring my Arrietty fanart!

This secret world: Arrietty by vtas

I'm going on a holiday trip for the next week, so I'll get to all the lovely comments and well-wishes when I get back!

FANBOOK SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support!

Quick plug of the Studio Ghibli Fanbook: Only $25! It is 60 pages of artwork, featuring full color illustrations from very very awesome and talented artists with an original 20-page Spirited Away comic (doujinshi)!
More artwork previews in this journal: Halcyon - Studio Ghibli Fanbookre:VERSE  s t u d i o presents our first project!
► ►  The fanbook is all SOLD OUT

Thank you for all your support!!! We couldn't have made it successful without you all!

Title: Halcyon - Studio Ghibli Fanbook Size: Letter (8.5 x 11 in)
Page: 60
Content: Full-color illustrations, spreads, WIPS, and sketches of Studio Ghibli related artwork; and an original Spirited Away comic/doujinshi (21 pages of toned goodness!) ALMOST 100% of the content is COMPLETELY new-never-seen-before (and the comic will never be printed elsewhere!)
Price: $25 + shipping & handling
Features: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, The Cat Returns, The Borrower Arrietty, Grave of the Fireflies, and more!
m a i n  _ a r t i s t s : / /

Artists in the book:
:iconillycia: :iconaiki-ame: :icontiny-mint: :icondarkshia: :iconah-bao: :iconvtas: :iconelrion-xiii: :iconfeeshseagullmine: :iconloosty: :icondepinz: :iconkeerou:

There were a total of 29 amazing entries for the feature! They ranged from photography to writing to drawing deviations! You guys are so amazing, and thank you for participating in this small holiday event of mine! :iconbrohugplz:


:bigthumb412833528: snow by tovatu
AoH: Winter's Coming by Winyumi Nimiel - Snow by Crimi-Azna
Nix by Vyndicare :bigthumb417042900:
Silver Lining by manorainfection Snowing by WitTea
Winter by scribblywish
:bigthumb420889388: A fairy's birth by amumaju
Snow by immuni The Cold Throne by Acaciathorn
Nest at Crystal Falls by Marcelo-C-C-Filho Gift by Kaiserglanz
Snowflakes by Meishali It's Cold Today... by Sadbloom
12.21.13 by luciferousLimner
Snow by 1PokemonPrincess :bigthumb421499611:


~Tis the Season~ (OC leo) by oWinTer Day 19 - Silence by silverz777


Let it snow by Blossom-Lullabies Contest entry!! by MushyBeanCurd


Reminder of the Past He could feel the coming of winter with the tip of his tongue. The first sign of its arrival tasted like metal: sharp, powerful, and bitter. So bitter it made his tear-stained face numb and blood-tinted lips dry. Snow gave different impression, however; it was soft and mellow, like a hand that embraced you while you stood alone trying to make do of what happened. Its sweetness lingered hours after its passing, warming you from the strands of your hair to the tip of your toes.
 He laughed; a croaking, hollow laugh that echoed into darkness. He hated it. Winter… Winter had the power to remind him of time long past: a time of innocence, a time of glory, and a time when the right option, lead to the tragic end. He was powerless to stop its spell; like the wind itself, winter was a bitter and unstoppable reminder of shed tears and blood. Tears and blood of the brave, of the pure and of the devoted. Tears and blood of those who believed in him. He whimpered. There were time

The collection of snow features folder have been featured on my front page as well <3

Raffle time!

Honestly, all the entries were so amazing, I'll submitted them all for the raffles! <3
Prizes two 3-month premium memberships, three headshots, and a bunch of sketches


3-month Memberships



TO WINNERS: Please note me with your request and links to any references! <3

I hope everyone has a great winter season and holiday!

Update: Thank you for all the AMAZING and lovely submissions! This gallery <3 Raffle results will be posted soon!

Hi everyone! :heart:

So my donation pool is nearing 1,000 points, and I've also just past 10,000 watchers wow @_@, so I thought I'd hold a little themed features/minicontest for my watchers mixed with raffles mixed with some art for all you awesome people who've been so supportive over the years. Living down here in "sunny" Southern California means no snow, so I'm really missing that snow! (I went to uni on the east coast, where we actually had seasons, ACTUAL SEASONS!! no way amirite)

Theme: Snow
Deadline: (Closed) December 22 midnight.

Pretty broad! All you gotta do is comment here with a link to a deviation you've submitted (after November 1st 2013, so it has to be something new) that has snow/somehow related to snow. Could be any category! (But please original artwork/writing/creations!) You can submit things you've done for groups, other contests, secret santas, whatever! :la: (Limit is one submission per person)

There's no minimum effort requirement, but if I can't tell that it's snow then sorry, doesn't count. xD

This is really just for fun and maybe a bit of creative incentive? I'm not offering super amazing/expensive prizes, haha.

If I've gotten your submission, I'll fav it, putting it in this gallery (so please check here if you're not sure whether you've submitted it successfully!).


:star: All submissions will be featured.
:star: Just by submitting something, you'll be put in a raffle to win a headshot artwork from me :heart:
:star: If you put a lot of effort into it (I'll only judge by comparing it to uploaded stuff in your gallery, not technical skill level or other submissions) or a lot of thought/creativity, you'll be specially featured. I'll limit this to around uh, 10-20 people? (if there are even that many submissions haha) - you'll be put into a raffle to win something out of: two headshots, some sketches, and two 3-month premium memberships from me (or the points equivalent - hopefully, I'll be able to get in on a holiday sales and get those 3-month prems turned into 6-month prems) (you can only win once)
[Old Journal recycled]
Oct. 2016:
I'm exceedingly busy nowadays with work, grad school, freelance commercial work, so I am sorry to say I'm very very slow with personal/character commissions. Please send me a note or email me at vtasart (at) with the details of your commission and I will quote you a price depending on your request (usually $100+). I very rarely check dA these days, so you'll get much faster responses from my email. Please understand that I may have a backlog and won't be able to get started with you immediately (however if you are willing to pay more for a specific deadline, we can work something out!).

For commercial inquiries, you can contact me at the same email.

Generally, the commissions process works like this:
After we agree on the commission and price, you pay half upfront. Then I send you a few works-in-progress (WIPs) such as composition thumbnails and rough colors and you can let me know if the piece is heading in the right direction and if you want me to make any changes. After you've seen an advanced draft, I will ask you to pay the rest of the commission price, and then I will send you the final illustration. If there's anything you want edited in the final, I will be happy to make small changes for free. However, large changes after the work is finished will require additional payment (because you would have had many chances before the end to get those aspects changed).

Finally, I enjoy a certain level of artistic freedom to do whatever I want. But you can let me know which aspects are vital to your character (such as scar/jewelry/defining marks) or image (such as mood/tone/etc) and I will do my best to keep those things accurate.

(Old journal for reference: Commission Types) | Terms of Service


At the moment, PAYPAL is the only acceptable form of payment.

OC Masterlist

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 8:20 PM
Commissions l Livestream l Tumblr l Twitter l Instagram l OC Masterlist

Updated as of Sept. 2013
All content below is copyrighted and belong to me (vtas) and other owners.

Character designs for original stories unaffiliated with any dA groups or RP groups. Click on their names to find out more!

Ilien Arch Bishop Outfit by vtas
Ilien d'Emriel (♂) A young archbishop from Venoa, Lorencia, whose meteoric rise gave voice to many rumors about his abilities.


[AVAILABLE] The following characters are available for RP and generally belong to active or semi-active groups.

AoH S5: Kaeddyn - Journey by vtas #Academy of Heroes
Kaeddyn (♂) A mischievous, sometimes sadistic, Shadow Arts specialist constantly searching for ancient knowledge.

AOH: S5 Julian reference sheet by vtas #Academy of Heroes
Julian von Einrichson (♂) A charming gardener-creature-tamer substitute teacher.

GC Char +Teaser+ by vtas #Grimm Chronicles
Ikanus (♂) The youngest son, a half-swan, half-human prince based on the Grimm's Fairytale "The Six Swans."

[INACTIVE] The following characters no longer belong to these groups (due to revamps or other reasons) but the groups are still active.

Red Sun by vtas #DA Fantasia
Azael (♂) A sarcastic and cynical Blood Elf merchant from Arcania in the magical artifacts trade.

Soleril (♂) The light-hearted and whimsical Reshiram-King of Pandemoria.

[CLOSED/HIATUS] The following groups are either on long hiatus or closed.

AMP: Saint-Laurent by vtas #Amplexion
Saint-Laurent (♀) The cold part-android mercenary leader of Diebeiden.

#Chrysalice Chronicles
Rain (♀) A fun-loving spymistress and chemist working undercover with the Rebel faction.

Armand (Allard Renoir-Leroux) (♂) A quiet musical genius.

Mr. Friday by vtas #Null Asylum
Mr. Friday (Crown Faraday) (♂) A highly intelligent, yet psychopathic doctor locked in N/A.

Prayer by vtas #Order of Saints
Ilien (♂) A rebellious teenager learning the arts of Healing with a Phoenix familiar.

#Voleros Saga
Eridian (♂) The gentle political Advisor of Elavernis.

Couples created for original 'verses unaffiliated with any dA groups or RP groups. These do not have detailed backstory and were made for fun and for their designs.

Commission for Illycia by inma
Nocturne & Sonata (♂♀) Nocturne (vtas), a stoic young man, and Sonata (Illycia), a sweet, outgoing girl, are high school students from a dystopic future.

wishes by genki-de
Viola & Jeremiah (♀♂) Viola (vtas), a vampire unafraid of expressing her desires, and Jeremiah (genki-de), a demon with two personalities and a tendency to take things literally, form an unlikely romantic couple.

Featured: Kaeddyn l Ilien l Ikanus l Mr. Friday l Saint-Laurent l Azael l Rain

Necromancia Artbook

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 12:11 AM
Commissions l Livestream l Tumblr l Twitter l Instagram l OC Masterlist

Selling very few left over copies with 2 FREE prints from me. There was only 1 run of this book, so get them while you can! I have 3 illustrations featured in this book (previews above). It's a collection of different original artwork from a variety of fantastic artists. The majority of the book consists of colored, full-page, illustrative spreads with 4 battle scenes (2-page spreads).



(though if you really want to do snailmail, we can talk about it.)


Necromaquette photos!!! by Ponchounette   Necromancia: VERSUS preview by vtas Necromancia: Preview No. 1 by vtas Necromancia: Preview No. 2 by vtas



BINDING: Paperback Saddle-stitch
PRICE: $25/per book
SHIPPING: USA = $5; INTERNATIONAL (30% discount) = $10 (Shipping price stays the same for up to 3 books. USA shipping only comes with tracking number.)
GOODIES/EXTRAS: Each book comes with TWO FREE 8.5 x 11 prints or ONE FREE 11 x 17 print (will be folded around the book).
All Necromancia books have also been signed by me. You have the option of getting your free prints signed as well.

:star: If you wish to purchase additional prints (+$5 for every medium sized print, +$10 for every large sized print.), Shipping is the FREE for any prints purchased with the book.


Real Name & Paypal Email:

Address: (just in case)
# of Books:
Additional Prints: (list #numbers and size, or leave blank)
Free Prints: (# and size)
Signature: Y/N? (All artbooks are signed; Prints can be signed in shiny gold sharpie!)

:bulletred: You will then receive my confirmation note about the total, with my Paypal email address.
:bulletred: You will get another note after I receive the payment to clear you for shipping.
:bulletred: Orders will be shipped about once a week. Your order will not be on the "to-ship" list until I receive full payment.

Featured: Kaeddyn l Ilien l Ikanus l Mr. Friday l Saint-Laurent l Azael l Rain

AX 2013 Table B1

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 16, 2013, 9:03 PM
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See you guys there!

Sharing a table with the lovely :iconillycia:

Here's a guide (based off ah-bao's notes):

(click for whole AA map)

I'll be selling some stuff you see in my gallery from last year and also a bunch of new prints, like:
-Game of Thrones
-Shingeki no Kyojin
-new Avengers stuff
-Studio Ghibli
-art books

Featured: Kaeddyn l Ilien l Ikanus l Mr. Friday l Saint-Laurent l Azael l Rain

DD + how I get better at art

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 5, 2013, 2:46 PM
Commissions l Livestream l Tumblr l Twitter l Instagram l OC Masterlist

Thank you!

Alter Ego by vtas

Thank you so much for suggesting it and to everyone who watch me/have featured my artwork! Your support means a lot to me and without dA, I wouldn't be a digital artist today, or have progressed so far from three years ago!


I want to take a moment also, to make a small recommendation: I've been speaking to some people recently and it seems that they subconsciously avoided copying works and didn't realize how helpful it would be to copy to improve their art. I get asked questions like "how did you improve so fast?" a lot, and here is the answer. This journal geared specifically towards copying-as-primary-use-for-learning, and not Ctrl+C someone's picture and Photoshop filtering, etc.

It seems to me, on dA in particular, witch-hunts and "calling out" on people who copy others' works happen constantly. I've seen the extremes many times, and have also read accusing comments on my paintings like "isn't that similar to so-and-so's work?" Thus, "copy" as a word automatically seems to hold intense stigma on this site. Yes, tracing and not attributing is wrong. But that doesn't mean you can't learn from tracing. Many professional artists also do things like "master copies" (… ) to learn. I've done a few myself ( and ).

For all those budding artists or people who hope to improve, I want to say: Copying is the best and fastest way to learn, and I don't believe there is anything wrong in doing it. Copying has been the primary form of learning in traditional art/studies for hundreds of years. Apprentices copied their masters -- nobody thought that was a bad thing.

I freely admit to copying a lot. Mostly, I copy technique and digital coloring style. (People seem to be touchy about styles too, but everyone, even people with extremely distinct styles, had their style inspired from somewhere, or several somewhere's.) I read a great blog post about developing your own style (link when I can find it again). It concludes with something like: Your style is what you keep/the elements you remember after you copy hundreds of artists and imitated hundreds of different styles. What makes you unique is the result from mixing aspects of every style you like. I find that I improve a lot faster from not doing pure copying but rather, approaching the painting the same way, with the same style, but with an original concept.

So, I guess, my message is: Don't be afraid to copy. Don't be afraid of being accused of copying. Don't be afraid to list references; they don't diminish your work.

In high school, I went to private art lessons from a traditionally trained artist who had graduated from a traditional institution in China - her words about copying/tracing: If you place the final result (your piece), side by side with the original, and you can safely say that they are separate pieces of work, then what you've done can be called your own. (something like that, my Chinese translation skills are a bit rusty.) Look at Van Gogh!:…

Don't be afraid to post your results (even master copies, if you get permission from the artist, like this guy: ) and BE PROUD of what you have accomplished or how you have improved. If your work is too similar/obvious derivative, get permission from the original artist and credit them (I've done this before, and I can't imagine anyone who'd say "no").

The last two DDs I've received were of paintings I created when trying to learn from another artist's techniques; I'm a proud art student and proud to have created those works through "copying."

Whoops, that ended up longer than expected XD

Disclaimer: This applies to one process of learning how to draw better. I would not recommend copying for every piece you do. You may subconsciously limit your imagination/creativity too much from direct referencing.

Featured: Kaeddyn l Ilien l Ikanus l Mr. Friday l Saint-Laurent l Azael l Rain

AX los angeles 2013

Journal Entry: Mon May 13, 2013, 10:23 PM
Commissions l Livestream l Tumblr l Twitter l Instagram l OC Masterlist

UPDATE 5/14: SPOTS FILLED! Thanks for all the interest!

A group of my friends booked a really nice Hilton about 20 min away from the convention. There is food within walking distance, and wifi. They still have spots for 2-3 people left (I believe you would share a queen sized bed with someone else) and it's pretty much all girls (so if you're a girl, you don't have to share with a guy or anything) - and it's approximately $130 total for 4 nights starting from Day 0 (which is really cheap!).

I can personally vouch for their integrity, though the rooms may be chaotic since they're cosplayers! But, if you need a room for AX 2013 , do send a note to GuoBia! You can get more details from her!

Side note: Yes I'll be going to AX again this year; will post table number when I get 'em!

Featured: Kaeddyn l Ilien l Ikanus l Mr. Friday l Saint-Laurent l Azael l Rain

Ty all you guysss

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 2:28 PM
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you guys all so awesome

Thank you all so much for all the awesome and ridiculously nice bday wishes! I love you guys and absolutely cherish all of your support.

and some amazing gift art I've received that deserve to be featured!

happy birthday reaper! by caephuier

and from some AT's and SS's
deserere . by megatruh bird by wispywaffle SV - Forbidden Love by Zue :thumb346180630:

RP Characters: Kaeddyn l Eridian l Rain l Ilien l Allard l Ikanus l Azazel l Sol

life update

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 26, 2013, 11:19 AM
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I'm still breathing

Hey guys! long time no see - sorry for disappearing, life sorta sucked me into a black hole and didn't spit me out since Dec. > < Haven't checked dA for awhile; I'm really really sorry for all the stuff I'm late on OTL;; A quick update about my life - battled art block for quite a long time and general post-grad listlessness; I was sucked into taking care of my 80+ grandmother for almost 2 months, and then had to deal with some more family and real life crap for awhile, and now my cousin's wedding. I'll check through notes and stuff soon - sorrysorry


Sorry for being late on my commissions > <
I am taking whatever free time I can get in between to finish obligations. I didn't want to post anything when I was still pretty much, all over the place, but now I'm pretty sure I've overcome my art block and I'm jumping back into things again.  I'll be submitting some of the things I've been working on soon. Let me know if you want an update - if your commish is still in the sketch stage, and you want a refund, please note me! Otherwise, I PROMISE, YOU'LL SEE IT SOON!

RP Characters: Kaeddyn l Eridian l Rain l Ilien l Allard l Ikanus l Azazel l Sol

NaNoWriMo - HELL YES let's do this!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 10:40 AM
Commissions l Livestream l Tumblr l Twitter l Instagram l OC Masterlist

What is NaNoWriMo?

Ignoring that my page has been overrun by Nutella for the moment...
NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is an INCREDIBLY fun approach to novel writing where all participants write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. TODAY, ladies-n-gents, is the first day. You win NaNoWriMo by, well, reaching your 50,000 word goal by the last day of November. The best part is, a zillion people are also trying to do this same, so you have companions to help you as you suffer through the month! Reaching the goal (or failing) is entirely based on the honor system, and it works.

I've never learned so much about writing than I did when I completed my first NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo isn't just for writers - anyone who wants to participate, whatever your day job/night job - can do so! You can sign up mentally or, if you want to join the "official" NaNoWriMo community, you can do so here: and read up about the wonderful/terrible month of November where all us participants turn into masochists (as well as get awesome prep talks from published authors!). If you win, you also get a coupon to receive up to 5 free physical copies of your NaNoWriMo book! Awesome, right? :"D (here are the other things you can get:

ANYWAY-- if I'm not convincing, do click play on this video:

I'm participating this year and would be HAPPY to word war with anyone/get partners to kick each other into writing/and more.

Great (and active) dA groups relating to NaNoWriMo you can join: :iconwrimo-writers: :iconnano-ocs: :iconnanowrimo-love:

What am I doing?

Soon, you will realize that there are two types of NaNoWriMoers- the "by-the-seat-of-your-pants" writers and the "obsessive-compulsive-planners." Personally, I've always been the latter, but this year, I have decided to (gasp) be the former.

I don't know the plot, I don't know the characters, I don't know ANYTHING about what I'm going to be writing about or where I'm headed. All I know is how I want to write it. (And that it'll probably be fantasy.)

So anyhow, please, if you're interested, join me on this great journey of pulling your hair out, running around like a headless chicken, and having the best time of your life.

And here is my idea...

The funeral was on Wednesday.

A young man in his twenties stepped out of one of the black limousines parked at the front gate of Arbist Hill Cemetery.

He looked out of place.

It was not his age, though he was certainly the most youthful of the attendees, which is to say politely, that he looked at least two generations removed from the rest. It was not his umbrella, which he had carried out of the car and through the black iron gate, despite the lack of any rain in the vicinity and up to thirty-three miles from the cemetery. It was not his smile, which could have been a great reason since Christian, post-twentieth-century funeral proceedings in The Great American Southwest meant people actually did mournful revisiting of could-have-beens and should-have-beens instead of enjoying nice autumnal weather patterns.

No, none of those things made him out of place.

Perhaps it was his eyes. A humanist might declare that they were like a blind person's, the palest of blue and experiencing something entirely different from "the rest of us." A poet might look into them and claim he had no soul, none at all, and no one should be convinced otherwise. A woman might say that they represented the tragic mysteriousness of a man far removed from his time. A psychiatrist once did look at them and shrug.

The young man, having remembered that sunglasses helped, donned a pair of Cartier's. They did help, a little, and it was a sunny day.

He hoisted his umbrella over his head as he joined the line of very serious, very bowed, funeral attendees, all of whom did not have the presence of mind to notice his physical eccentricities. Instead, they noted his umbrella and most of them wrote it off as grief but all of them were too polite to point out the lack of physical rain in the vicinity and up to thirty-three miles.

If they had, they might have been told that elsewhere, it was raining.

Elsewhere was not the mortal plane.


And to those who I've gotten an opinion on this before- don't worry, I don't count this prologue as part of my NaNoWriMo word-count.

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Ilien d'Emriel [revamp]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 26, 2012, 5:51 AM
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This is his original story. The-Order-of-Saints Profile can be found here: [link]

[HAIR] Platinum blond.
[EYES] Pale blue, like a blind person's, though he is not actually blind. The scarred right eye is a more discolored gray-blue. The scar has mostly healed into pale lines, but I choose to emphasize it with very thick/ropy/pink scar in my illustrations, as it's significant to his past. (Sometimes he is illustrated with yellow eyes- this does not occur in his canon story, but more AU when he is tapping dark powers.)
[AGE] 20s (doesn't really keep track)
[HEIGHT] 5' 10"
[BIRTHDATE] Unknown; Celebrates it at New Years.
[QUOTE] "Sic transit gloria mundi." So passes away earthly glory.

[OCCUPATION] (Officially) Archbishop of the Diocese of Venoa - address as "Your Grace"; administratively the Patriarch-in-Waiting

[PERSONALITY TRAITS] Gentle, absent-minded, scholarly, prideful || Cowardly, selfish, pessimistic, weary.

  • Earrings: He wears a cross earring on his left ear. It used to be a part of the rosary his mother had, but he took apart the necklace and reforged it into a earring in honor of her. (Right ear is a simple men's hoop earring with a cross etched on, like this:…)
  • Rosary: When he first achieved the status of full Priest, Emriel gifted him this rosary. It is very dear to him.
  • Silver signet ring: He wears it on the little finger of his left hand. It is his official ring for sending letters and approving documents of the branch of the Church he serves.
  • Bible: A remnant of his acolyte days, it is a very old and worn, but very precious to him. One of the first gifts he received from Emriel.

  • Lusien di'Conti, 3rd son, womanizer, and all-around useless man was his father. He had disgraced his family name because, unlike other bastards, Ilien had been born under the roofs of the di'Conti's main residence. And thus, he must be acknowledged under Lorencia tradition-- not as a true son, no, but taken into the family as a child with the family's blood. Lusien's indiscretion would be the cause of much of his son's childhood suffering.
  • Though he was taught his letters with the rest of his legitimate cousins, Ilien was treated like a whipping boy by his tutors and shunned by the rest of his family. He found no solace in his mother, Reniza, who became a depressed drunk and soon committed suicide by hanging herself from the rafters of their home. Ilien was only six.
  • He ran into one of the churches in town, and knelt at the altar, praying for his mother's soul, for he had been told that those who took their own life would burn in the fires of hell. Despair overtaking him, the six year old recalled an ancient myth and offered his right eye to God in hopes of preventing his mother's fate. Secretly, however, he wished to forget his childhood and for a new life away from the di'Conti family. He had a vision with a choice - a new life or his mother's safe conduct to Heaven. To his shame, his heart wanted the former. He got both. But he did not know if he had hallucinated the entire event.
  • Ilien fainted at the altar from pain and blood loss, only to be discovered by the kindly Emriel di Luca, a humble deacon living in the church. Emriel took him in as a son and an acolyte of the Church. Ilien absolutely adored his new guardian, so much so that he rejected the di'Conti name and fashioned himself as the adopted son of Emriel, Ilien d'Emriel. Not long after, Emriel received summons from the Pope—he was to head the creation of a new Diocese in Venoa as the Patriarch. Of course, Ilien left with Emriel to take up their new task in Venoa. There, Ilien began a blessed life with his beloved new father.
  • After Ilien was promoted to Priesthood, his rise in the ranks of the Church turned phenomenal. Soon, and unheard of in one so young of age, he was considered the best candidate for the Patriarchy of Venoa. Around this time, the di'Conti family began to recognize Ilien's influence and finally offered to acknowledge him as a true di'Conti. Ilien refused their missive (with pleasure).
  • Ilien's meteoric rise in the ranks created quite a stir and many jealous tongues began wagging against him. Some claimed that he was an agent cursed by the Devil, that everything he touched appeared charmed... when it was hiding evil. Some said he was a coward and easily manipulated by the "darker" forces, that he was not at all as intelligent or well-spoken as rumor claimed. Rather, a shadowed puppet-master held the strings, constantly feeding him the right words to say, the right things to do.
  • CURRENT: Many continue to fear him and his influence across the country. He seemed so young, yet to be so connected! He must not be allowed to rise any further.
  • TBC...

  • Right-handed when writing, uses left hand for everything else. (Probably born left-handed and forced to learn to write with right hand.)
  • Practically blind in scarred eye, near-sighted in the other.
  • Can snuff out candles with his thumb and forefinger.
  • Can peel an apple in one long continuous peel (and without cutting himself). Can make apple bunnies :"D…
  • Enjoys whistling, humming, and dabbling in organ music.

  • It is traditional in Lorencia for priests to cover one of their arms and hands completely (whichever their dominant hand/or the one they use to pray, hold communion, touch the Bible, touch their rosaries) because that is the arm that serves God. Thus, Ilien's alb has a maniple-like sleeve on the left side
  • His entire outfit is derivative of traditional liturgical vestment worn by Catholic priests - with alb, girdle/cincture, maniple and stole. He will gain a chasuble once he ascends to Patriarch.
  • Lorencia and the di'Contis were inspired by Italy and the de'Medicis.


  • By me:

+VERSUS+ by vtas Ilien d'Emriel by vtas Ilien Arch Bishop Outfit by vtas TO - Pride by vtas

  • By others:

Ilien - Commission by Raiden-chino ilien+kaekae by caephuier

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Hi guys, some thanks, other stuff, and a game??

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 12, 2012, 7:41 PM
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So I think I finally cleared my over900 backlog of replies/reading etc. (though I haven't gone through the 1400 backlog of comments yet). Sorry if I haven't responded to them for so long (and now I can't cause it would be super awkward...), and so sorry for my lack of activity/responses. I miss you guys a lot!! And I'm such an AWFUL RPer, I deserve to rot in the RP dungeon of hell forever and forever. But I finally got through reading all of them and being touched again by all your nice comments, and the ones from my friends (you know who you are >w<), so thank you all again and again! I miss dA a lot but I'm still trying to figure out what I am gonna do with my life @__@;

And I've been keeping busy planning my personal art book. I'll probably make a poll about it soon. I'm considering using kickstarter for it but they take a lot (10% o_o!) so I'm not totally sure yet. There will probably be goodies/rewards for pre-ordering (like exclusive brush packs and high-res wallpapers) since I really need capital in order to make it ; ; so far, including the 3 guest artists, it's turning out to be around 60 pages.

I've been having lots of fun sketching your chars! I know I posted the journal "sketching day 5" many days ago, but I thought that maybe once a week might be better for you guys, less posting, and I'll just pick people from that journal for the rest of the week since I couldn't get to everyone who inspired me. I'll probably sketch a few more before sunday and send out the notes >w< I'm really happy about all the response!

And finally, I've been super busy this month and last month everyday editing and working on a corporate contract for some artwork.  Even though it's really frustrating and I don't quite like the style, I think I learned a lot from the experience. Plus, the game will be coming out on mobile phones soon (apple and android) and it's free to play the beginning/trial, so I'll advertise it when it comes out! >w<

Anyway, I rarely post these life-ish-updates, so you get cookies for reading through this WALL OF TEXT LOL;;

TLDR; Hope everyone is doing good >w< I'm open to conversation/whatever in the comments :"D

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