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One of my favorite games of all time. It started out as a study, and then... I changed things.

(After this was finished I went on a journey kick?? so you can probably find journey acrylic charm, acrylic stand, postcard, print and maybe zipper bags at my shrine I mean table L32)
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I am grateful to 253421 for encouraging me to do this!

looks at the journey cosplay-- nope. 
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This is beautiful! It captures the mood of Journey so well ^^
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Holy, epic-ally magnificent! This Enchanting Journey Landscape is stunning and The Kitty-Like Creatures look incredible! The designs, kingdom, architecture, arches, towers, gates, pendulums, sky, sun, gleam, reflection, mountains, silhouettes, flight, terrain, haze, pyramid, shadows, movement, perspective, realisticness, tails, clothing, interactions, flow, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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This is exceptionally beautiful, the colours and lighting and just everything is astounding, wow
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This is some great artwork. It looks like it can be concept art from the game itself. 
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Such a splendid painting that shows perfectly the feeling of the game, it does a lot of justice to it. This game changed my life and, from what I see in the official forums, many other lives too, so it's always dear to me when I see such a well executed fanart of it ♥ Thank you for sharing your art with us!
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Thank you very much! And yes, exactly! I always get so emotional when I think about it; I followed a blog on tumblr where people would write letters to their journey companions and they were all so touching! It was a truly transcendental experience.
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Sometimes when I have a bad week I just come home and slide through Journey and everything is better. This picture perfectly captures why.
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I completely agree. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm really touched!
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Do you sell your merchandise online? :)
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Hi Zhepgig! I usually don't as much but I am thinking of putting them on the store and maybe doing a "journey merch pack" in July :)
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That would be really great! I bet they are super cute and I would buy the whole set. :heart: I am an avid journey fan and your work is just beautiful! I actually just played journey again yesterday... :)
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aaaaa I miss this game I wanna go back and play it again ;w;
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Please do!! I haven't had time for games recently but I'm in the same boat *_*
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Journey's artistic style is so characteristic and atmospheric. Instant love for me.
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Yes I agree! I never thought I could do the game justice because just looking at the screenshots, the style comes through so perfect and beautiful, so I'm glad this worked out!
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Absolutely splendid.
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Beautiful scene. :)
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Thank you, it's one of my favorites in the game!
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Love the warm, golden light...
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