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Ineffable Process Tutorial



EDIT: I forgot to add for Step 13: I do the same thing with the 3D effect that I did with the Motion Blur (12.5). I left many parts of the face "less 3D'd" than say, the hands, hair, and shoulder.

"3D effect" aka chromatic aberration Tutorial:…
(Wait for it to load > Left menu bar > Photoshop > 3D Effect)

Final Image: Ineffable by vtas

Even though I didn't use any refs for this, I highly recommend Googling and just looking at or studying a variety of faces/necks of photos so you can intuit the underlying structures (or look at some awesome tutorials about that out there) if you are unfamiliar with realism/rendering realistic faces.

Please comment with any questions :heart: Also, if anyone wants, I would be happy to comment/give advice/critique on anything.

Finally a description of how I draw :dummy: Sorry that this is very different and not my "typical" process, so I'm still a noob at starting grayscale XD But I hope I can share some of the stuff I discovered! <3 (And I probably left out a bunch of stuff on accident or something so please excuse any mistakes ><)

This is not a basic Photoshop Tutorial (there are a lot of wonderful ones you can look up on dA), just maybe some hints on how to get alabaster-porcelainish-glowy skin and how to use some Photoshop layer effects. (Basically, the key is sitting at your computer and playing around with it for hours LOL.)

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the "3-D" effect is called chromatic aberration
I myself like this effect. It is soo great! Nice tutorial also! :3