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[FFVII] The beginning...


UPDATE: due to popular request...Purchase Online

Ships international!
We're doing VERY LIMITED TIME batch mail orders. I don't normally sell online, so I'm just taking one batch of orders for now and shipping them ALL out April 30th! So please treat it like a pre-order except it's just this one time and we will close shop after everything is shipped.
Part 1 of 2 in a set! can you spot all of the team?

I went to the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in January and just died from happiness. The music was so amazing and it seemed like they were pushing the FFVII Remake hard--I got super inspired and started sketching the moment I got home (after a 3 hr drive @_@) until 3 AM!! I finally finished the pic and will be able to start on the second one in the set hopefully :"D

sorry for not being more active; I promise I'll start posting more when my schedule lets up!!
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WOOOOW, THIS IS SO PRETTY~~!! 😍😍 It's bugging me that I can only spot what I THINK is Barrett, Vincent, and Tifa, but not everyone else (e.g. Aerith is my favourite character, so it's honestly a tragedy in my eyes that I can't automatically place her) 😂

Your shop link is dead. Are you still selling this print?

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This art is incredible! We can clearly remember the sad story of Cloud in this drawing. Good job!
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Cloud would say : great work ! ^^
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Thank you for putting it up for sale! I love this piece! :heart:
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This is awesome! May you draw a similar pic with ffVI too? Because this is amazing :o
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Sure, go ahead :)
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Really? :D
I'll look foward to see that pic too!
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Awesome! I can see Vincent, Barrett, Red XIII and what seems to be Yuffie, but not the rest, please point out their locations!
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This piece was just shared on Deviantart FB page, here comes the fav's.
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I really love the style of this, the whole vibe and concept is amazing!
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So beautiful. Bummer you don't ship to the UK tho. 😢
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We decided to do international shipping! But you won't be able to get it from the shop;; you can send us an email to sign up!
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This is so damn greaaaat ! :wow:
Might have be so hard to make, I looove it ! Love the style used ! :D
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I just bought one! I'm going to try finding like a frame or case or something to put it in! 
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This is absolutely beautiful! What an amazing concept. Will you be selling prints of this? I would love to buy one!
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