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By vtas
In Rome, Mom fell in love with a painting of a woman with a violin. I promised her I'd draw it. Here it is, Mom, and she's holding my violin.


(Edit: changed some things I wasn't satisfied with: bow/hand/back)

Ref of the original picture was used, taken by my camera.
Medium: Photoshop CS2
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Wow, so beautiful...:omg:
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Ah, I love the violin so much <3
This is really cool, I love the colors XD
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Awesome pic!  Nod
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ohhh, it's perfect! I like it:)
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Very old work, but thanks!
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Aww, love this. My daughter plays the violin and I love it. This painting is so beautiful.
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hey reaper-bunny :) do u mind if i make a reproduction of your artwork using oil paints?? ill make sure to give all links and credits to u.
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...don't know what else to say.
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I bought a version of this in barcelona! Violins are awesome, and I'm sure your mom loved it!
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Love it! Very beautiful!
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I'd like to offer it to a friend of mine, would you agree ? If you do, I'd request a print, but as it's originally a gift for your mother, I'd understand you don't want :). Great work anyway, but I think I posted a comment mouths ago :P
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I'm touched that you want to offer this to your friend. Unfortunately, due to harddrive crash, I no longer have this image in higher-resolution, so I'm afraid you'll have to find something else.
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Okay, there's no problem ^^' I'm sad for you, losing work is horrible. Good luck :)
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I may be in love with you....
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this is awesome!
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This is absolutely stunning :) I love her dynamic pose as well as the vivid colors! You're a very talented artist :).
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how long did it take you to draw?
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So much energy.
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Very beautiful, now I'm curious to see what the original painting looked like
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