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VXP... A Modern Classic

After months in development I am finally ready to release the final version of the VXP Visual Theme from

We have worked hard to make this theme the best it can be and think that you will find it easy on the eyes and easy to use for long periods of time.

We set out to make a more modern classic looking theme and hope that it will turn out to be a classic in the enduring sense of the word.

Icluded are:

14 walls designed to compliment the style.

Explorer bar icons (only aplicable with stylexp (

5 Substyles - Compact and regular styles with two different sets of caption buttons for each. Plus one Bonus Style (requested)

Shellstyles for all substyles.

The iChat-VXP skin (By Danimator) For the Trillian Messenger Application.

Rainlender skin and Logon Screen for logonstudio By Athletictrainer1981


Please feel free to comment on our work as it really is what makes it all worthwhile.

Also please visit our site for more of our work @ [link].

Thanks to all my Beta Testers for their help, suggestions and patience.

Enjoy !!

© 2005 - 2021 vStyler
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Still my Favorite Theme of all times. Please, can you patch or re-create it it for Windows 10 ? :)

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Can it be applied in Windows 10 after patching ?
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And it works better if you change your window's background color to light green.
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Great and beautiful theme. I have already used it.
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Then im not sure... I don't use visual styles anymore, switched to Windowblinds many moons ago. All i can think is the version of XP is no longer compatible, you probably on sp3 by now. but really looks like the fonts aren't installed correctly. sorry wish i could be of more help.
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Oh...okay. No problem. Thanks for the help :D
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Aaah, broken link--sorry =="
New >> [link]
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Hi, I like your theme, but I got a problem with this one. Would you fix it?

I use Windows XP and applied this theme on a screen with a resolution 1366 px x 768 px. And this is an error >> [link]

Can you help me? I really appreciate yours. I think if you want to help me. Thanks. Again, nice theme. ^^
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make sure you installed the fonts from the skin folder into the C:/Windows/Fonts folder and reload the skin.
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Done, but there's still an error :|
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Awesome cute theme thank you!
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Hi, I have some troubles with missing letters, as you can see on [link] and [link]
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Yeah, not sure what caused that, probably the font. Sorri !@
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I love this Style, but I couldn't find any instruction to get it working :no: I read all of the comments, but I couldn't find any hints.. maybe somebody could help me :please:
I've just zipped it and don't know what to do know :(
It looks GREAT ..
I'm downloading it now ;)

I tell you in a few seconds my opinion
this my favourite theme forever, the colours, relax, very nice... [link]

but if can have winamp skin this will the best skin of the universe [link]
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It looks so fcking GOOD!!!

I love it...and's my new THEME dude....

FAV* =)
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I tried using this theme, and immediately fell in love with it. However, there seems to be a little problem. On the window start menu, there's two "All Program" icon. Actually, it's one top of another. The one in the front has a bigger font. The one in the back has a smaller font.
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