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March 22, 2007
Who loves orange soda? Clockwork Orange by *vStyler
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
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Clockwork Orange

Well, I'll keep this short, this was another of my Premium Visual Styles I've decided to port to WB.

I will be making ONLY WB from now on... VS is dead..long live the king!

For those who are not sure how to use this , go to [link] and download Windowblinds.

Enjoy.. Clockwork orange !
© 2007 - 2021 vStyler
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This looks great
vStyler's avatar
of course it does.. your Dutch :D
Do you have this in VS? wba is only a trial. I really like it but I dont want the bloat of WB
vStyler's avatar
No, sorry, I dont.
Triconomicon's avatar
A shitload of thanks.
coyotemissy's avatar
i love the colors and the simplicity of it. it's really great. :)


Congrats for your daily dev! :hug:
vStyler's avatar
Thanks., I appreciate that :D
Neviral's avatar
effin nice mate, i've beenlooking up for somethinglike this, im sick of mac and vista style skins
The1Blur's avatar
this is really nice...i really like this!!
eb-razer's avatar
Wow, an orange VS I would actually use. Too bad it's WB.
SuperNES's avatar
Great book and movie.. and now a great skin too!
winterbird's avatar
heh. If Vista and iTunes were to have an orange baby, this would be it :)
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Netbug009's avatar
I like the clock in the center. Nice job.
vStyler's avatar
willhelmwr's avatar
Very nice. But for me something wrong is in here... Why do use M$. Isn't it simplier to do the same in linux? Not only simplier but also you've got there much more possibilities! I like your style very much but i hate the system! Unfortunetly, my wifi don't want to cooperate with open source.
Think about changing OS, please...
vStyler's avatar
I tried using linux.. hated it. Was like trying to work in a foriegn language and not enough support for the apps I use. I'll always use MS, I have to skin for the masses, not just the renegades. Im sure its perfect for you though. To each their own eh? :)
championchap's avatar
Out of curiosity, what are the applications you use?
Because thats the only thing thats keeping me from making the switch to Linux myself.
As is, I have a dual boot of Ubuntu and XP.
vStyler's avatar
Well, Photoshop Cs2, Skinstudio, Windowblinds, Imageready Cs2, IconDeveloper, MSN Messenger ScreenCaptor, etc etc Im not saying I wouldn't skin for Linux for a price and if Linux had a reliable skinning engine UI.
championchap's avatar
Hmm, well there are some alternatives that you can use.. Kopete in place of MSN Messenger for example.
But im not going to push it or anything.. Ive had soem success using Wine to run Windows Apps though.

For the most part I just like to tinger in it, or if all I want is to go online ill do it in Linux.. may as well stay safe you know?
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Common sense is what keeps me and my PC safe online..and I dont run antivirus.

Perhaps when Linux becomes more mainstream, i'll have another look.
championchap's avatar
What would you consider to be mainstream exactly though?
You mean support from commerical apps like photoshop?
Or do you mean usability.. because Ubuntu is really very usable indeed.

As for commercial software? Dont hold your breath.. unfortunatly.
If I could run Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Painter on Linux without the need for Wine id switch over for good.
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Wow awesome interface there :D I like the orangeness :] Congrats on the DD by the way :)
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