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Everyday more hope is lost,
more love is choked,
more counting the cost.
A turn of phrase.
A wrong word said.
A bad decision,
to here it led.
To a place so cold,
a place so free.
But this is not the place
that I want to be.
Free of love.
Free of care.
Free of a dream,
turned a nightmare.
Be still my heart
and die right here,
lest it hurt anymore,
for this I fear.
Falling for her
was never my plan.
Look at me now,
a sorrowful man.
She will out
and find her match.
I will here
and my heart I'll patch.
And we will never
be as one
The happy couple
It's over... won.
Its true that pain can give you a creative outpour. Honestly though? I'd rather be happy and struggle to produce...
Reilsss Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2006

That something beautyful. Something that reminds me on matches of my own, I had behind and befor me. Something that show how live really is. A up and down of emotions, hope and saddness. I wish from heart for you that things get to a better. And maybe rember one thing, that migth be true:

Love comes and goes,... but friends are forever.

Best luck
your odd friend Reilsss.
day-seriani Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2006   General Artist
it is very good, but i don't want to add your sorry to my favourites.

true love will live through any fight or mistake matter how big or how small. i also know that if it was not meant to glue in the world could hold it together.

as always, my friend, i offer a :hug:, and a shoulder....
although i know they won't mend a broken heart or ease a worried mind.
vshjaar Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2006
ty x
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