War of hearts

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Everyday more hope is lost,
more love is choked,
more counting the cost.
A turn of phrase.
A wrong word said.
A bad decision,
to here it led.
To a place so cold,
a place so free.
But this is not the place
that I want to be.
Free of love.
Free of care.
Free of a dream,
turned a nightmare.
Be still my heart
and die right here,
lest it hurt anymore,
for this I fear.
Falling for her
was never my plan.
Look at me now,
a sorrowful man.
She will out
and find her match.
I will here
and my heart I'll patch.
And we will never
be as one
The happy couple
It's over...

...no-one won.
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Its true that pain can give you a creative outpour. Honestly though? I'd rather be happy and struggle to produce...
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That something beautyful. Something that reminds me on matches of my own, I had behind and befor me. Something that show how live really is. A up and down of emotions, hope and saddness. I wish from heart for you that things get to a better. And maybe rember one thing, that migth be true:

Love comes and goes,... but friends are forever.

Best luck
your odd friend Reilsss.
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day-seriani| General Artist
it is very good, but i don't want to add your sorry to my favourites.

true love will live through any fight or mistake made...no matter how big or how small. i also know that if it was not meant to be....no glue in the world could hold it together.

as always, my friend, i offer a :hug:, and a shoulder....
although i know they won't mend a broken heart or ease a worried mind.
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