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OSX Refflective Iconset 1

This is my first Refflective Iconset for ObjectDock...

Dock made by REVERSE84 [link]

Leopard FinderBar for ObjectBar [link]

Leopard Wallpaper ( 1152 x 864 ) [link]

Finder - TimeMachine - Spaces - iTunes ...(10 icons)
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is there an icon for spotify or
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Muchas gracias amigo
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I recomend vista osx'09, its nice
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what's the thumbs.db file for?
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nice...tnx!ur dock skin doesn't look like with the link you gave.i like much ur dock skin.
wow this is great
good job
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Gorgeous! My dock looks really better now. Thanks.
Luv your icons using them on my dock now thanks
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Great job with all your icon.
Hello there, im a noob. What do i do after downloaded the .rar file?
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totally awesome :D
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m8 i need a gd Leopard icon pack for icontweaker
do u know any??
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nice work dude
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Very nice, thanks for making these! I miss the Finder icon and iTunes a lot. I hope you will make future icons very soon :)
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jejej... the finder icon and iTunes is in the 2nd pack ;) marketing things jeje ... now you can download it...!
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does any of the future iconsets have Finder,Mail,Time Machine, spaces,iTunes,iPhoto,iMovie,iCal,etc?

If there are multiple icon packs, i will always stay in touch with your deviations....
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yeap.. 2nd release here...![link]
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thanxs!!! your wallpapers are great too! i like ZEN! jeje (at this link: [link] )
how do you make the gradient to have the lowest point of the image transparent and not white?

Because i have the problem that hat at the bottom the image is getting white because of making a gradient from transparent to white.
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i forget this... the background must to be set to transparent... and save to a png file!!!! good luck...
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what program you are using for make the icons?
in Fireworks:
after duplicate and flip the icon...
you need to make a box (bring to front) covering the mirror icon...with a gradient form white 0% to white 100% and put it on the mirror icon, select the box, then select "suppress" in "blend" box in the properties panel... it`s all... if you want, add me in msn, sorry for my english, is very primitive..
hope can help u... regards!
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thanks! and it's very simple to make ... only duplicate icon, flip and gradient it.. jejej
(your words!) fyton5.
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