Fuck this.

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ZERO fucks given. This new iteration is trash. It lacks functionality. Everything is larger and bloated. It's just... Trash. Been here since the beginning. You were my happy place, even as I felt disconnected from the community. Felt a lack of community. Have had several accounts over the years. I'm going to leave this here, but I'm done logging in. Fuck you deviantART, for forcing this on us all. Hope someone's pockets are fat with stacks, hope that dough flows. But I'm done spending time and money here. :horns: :wave:

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i can't even search inside a category

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I don't blame the guy. Is like learning to walk again. Am getting more or less the hang of it, but it does feel bloated. Not to mention very difficult finding my way around as well. I keep asking myself why am I still around? Maybe is wishful thinking to a degree. Who knows. Sad to see you go brotha.

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Yeah, I see what you mean. I keep feeling like I'm stumbling around, the whole way through, trying to "relearn everything".