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Entry made for CRPhotomanipulation Photomanipulation Tournament
Theme by neverdying & AbbeyMarie : A Macabre Portrait

In case none notice, the crack is not just a crack but also a wing :)

Stock use
Model [x] by shiskababe[x]
Crack [x] by resurgere [x]
Texture [x] by mytini[x]
Butterfly [x] by kayne-stock[x]
Ink [x] by mediamilitia[x]
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Hi there Hi!

Your artwork has been featured in this poll. 

The winner of this poll will receive;

Bullet; Black A Interview consisting of 3 or more in depth questions for you to answer.
Bullet; Black A full Image feature of 3 of your images.
Bullet; Black A thumbnail feature of 5 of your images. 

In-Obscuro  is not yet one of the most famous groups on dA, but with more than 200 watchers you will get decent exposure in winning this and also just by being picked for the poll.

Please note that you are allowed to promote this poll in order for you to win. There will be only ONE winner.

Good Luck!!!
Leana (founder of In-Obscuro )
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Thank you  very much :) I have strong feeling that I with end up last place :D haha
TriZiana's avatar
Well it seems not, so far you're sixth... not first, but atleast not last. I love this work, if that means anything. :hug: 
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Thank you for your kind words :) 5 seconds hug
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This is so well done! :)
vs3a's avatar
Digitiel's avatar
really scary! :clap:
vs3a's avatar
Thank you ^^
neverdying's avatar
Wow you sure did great man! :)
vs3a's avatar
neverdying's avatar
You're welcome! :)
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
Wow.... this is fantastic, so well done!!! Good luck in the comp!! :clap:
vs3a's avatar
^^ good luck
vs3a's avatar
Macabre and Horror is your favorite theme, what do you think ? ^^ I not really sure this is Dark or Macabre and Horror
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It's great! I'm a huge fan of removing facial features, and I can definitely see it as macabre. It has a heavy "decay and death" feel to it's theme.

Nailed it! 
vs3a's avatar
Thank you, then I can consider it as first successful attempt with horror style EVIL Laughter! 
Kurtzan's avatar
Creepy portrait ! Awesome work ! :clap:
vs3a's avatar
Thank you very much I am a dummy! 
Kurtzan's avatar
You're most welcome ! :D :D :hug:
TechnicolorWarrior's avatar
It's not overtly scary, it's more subtly but deeply disturbing. I find it quite strikingly creepy, and I'm not easily spooked. Well done.
vs3a's avatar
Glad that you feel so, I am the maker and I don't feel anythings haha :D
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Awesome piece! Wow!
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