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Zelda Valentine

Happy Valentine´s Day!

Sorry, nothing more to say XD (but comments are always welcome^^)
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this fits for valentines day!!!
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This is a very sweet and romantic pik; I think you captured the moment beautifully. :) Would you mind if I use it as a cover art for my Zelda fic on FF.Net? If you agree, I will make sure you're credited as the artist. :)
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Thanks!. And sure!
you could send me the link to your fic when you upload it so I can read it:)
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Its called 'Dreaming of You, My Love' and its on my FF.Net page. My pen name there is the same as the one here. My Zelda fic is actually almost ten years old but the cover art feature became avaliable just recently. So I look for art that best represent my fics and ask the artists if I can use them :)
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Cool!. I'll check it out then :D
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Thanx. If you have time, I hope you'll check out my other works and tell me what you think! I wrote fics for a bunch of other anime/rpg series too ^^
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this is really beautiful!
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this is really beautiful!
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I love your jobs! :love:
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So beautiful. Good job. :+fav:
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This is so well done! I love the colouring :heart:
Lovely picture.
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I'm not a big fan of Zelda and Link being paired together as a couple but...
this absolutely makes my heart melt <3.
It's just so tender.. and beautiful...

Esto es increíble, yo lo adoro.
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lol. I know. I'm not a zelda and link fan either but still they do look good together XD. Gracias por comentar!
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Thanks . They are soo gorgous together .
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I love the soft shading you've put on. Beautiful, just beautiful!
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That is so beautiful! I love the soft tones and lighting. It looks so romantic and sweet. This makes my heart say "awwwww" :glomp: love it!
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Aww, they're touching each other so tenderly, how sweet... Link's expression is perfect, and Zelda's face too. They really look like they love each other. :aww: I love the soft coloring style too, and the colors are so warm. Beautiful job, I love this! :+favlove:!
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