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Muskegon Board Walk by vrihet Muskegon Board Walk :iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0 Untitled by vrihet Untitled :iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0 Tianjin Sprawl by vrihet Tianjin Sprawl :iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0 The Desolation of Smog by vrihet The Desolation of Smog :iconvrihet:vrihet 1 0
Silence crawls to the corner
Quietly watches and waits.
A whisper of a whimper—dissipates.
:iconvrihet:vrihet 3 0
Aether Eternal by vrihet Aether Eternal :iconvrihet:vrihet 19 5 Perchance To Dream by vrihet Perchance To Dream :iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0
A Song of Immortality
Feel the beat and set the music free
Create something that'll grant you immortality.
A song that'll last from now to eternity...
Play the songs you have in store,
Listen to your heart and sing the unsung chords
Your soul is what makes your music something more...
:iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0
Sappy Love Poem
I love the warmth inside your eyes,
The way it brings me to paradise.
I love the fragrances you wear,
How your presence fills the air.
I love the dreams that you bring to me,
I wish they could last an eternity.
I love you more than winter's snow,
The way your smile makes you glow.
I love you more than springtime trees,
More than flowers and birds or bees.
I love you more than the summer sun,
Being with you is much more fun.
I love you more than the autumn breeze,
The fun we have when we gently tease.
I love you more than the finest wine,
Knowing full well that you are mine.
:iconvrihet:vrihet 2 1
Shine Like Stars by vrihet Shine Like Stars :iconvrihet:vrihet 1 2 Moons of Akyrimos by vrihet Moons of Akyrimos :iconvrihet:vrihet 1 2
Goodbye to Hate
I said goodbye to hate exactly ten years ago. It wasn't anything special. I just decided that I had enough of all the anger and wrath that accompanied hate and I just let it all go, just let it all blow away from me. I wasn't always hating. Nobody is born hating. People are born with love inside their hearts. Love they give freely to anybody, even if they didn't ask it. The innocence, the purity of a child. But then they grow up and they learn that if they give out love to strangers, the love can be turned against them and used to hurt them. So they become more conservative, more cautious with who they give it to and how much they give them.
And that's it for some people. They live, they love, they die. And that is the end of their story. That's all you ever do, really. Act out of love. A love for your God, your family, your money. And then you die. And really, there is nothing you can do about it. It's the end of the story.
Some people find hate instead of love, much like I have. They
:iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0
Mature content
Famine :iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0
Nameless Strangers
Today a nameless stranger died
His hair was white and grey
He died in his sleep last night
and quietly passed away
No, she was short and stout
with hair as coarse as straws
and always had to slink about
Trying to hide her flaws
Or maybe it was a little boy
who died in a sudden flash
Out on his bike, enjoying life
Ended by a crash
No, she was a teenager,
Who always hated life
Took a dose and closed her eyes
Ending all the¬ strife
Today a nameless stranger died
You cried when he past
But now your eyes are dried
You know he's not the last.
:iconvrihet:vrihet 4 2
Inner Child
Ask yourself if you know who I am
I'm still a child needing a hand
I put on these masks so I can pretend
To be who I'm not, to become your friend.
But I'm burning inside
from telling all these lies
So tell me, tell me who I am!
I am just a man
I try hard and do all I can
But life overwhelms me
Blocks my vision and I can't see
My dreams, my visions, everything I wanted to be.
:iconvrihet:vrihet 0 1
I was made to walk the lonely road
The road from here to home
Some of us walk with others
But I walk it alone.
:iconvrihet:vrihet 0 0


0467: Life of Rylai by Agito666 0467: Life of Rylai :iconagito666:Agito666 209 38 Dota 2 - Halloween by Tiny-Tyke Dota 2 - Halloween :icontiny-tyke:Tiny-Tyke 1,153 313 The Mask Collector by ramy The Mask Collector :iconramy:ramy 2,784 134 Night Flowers by SARETTA1 Night Flowers :iconsaretta1:SARETTA1 2,549 469 Scurry along now by Miyukiko Scurry along now :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,178 57 take what you need. by Shutter-Shooter take what you need. :iconshutter-shooter:Shutter-Shooter 6,947 1,041 1000 W0RDS by yuumei 1000 W0RDS :iconyuumei:yuumei 117,254 27,867 Princess Mononoke (Prints for sale) by sakimichan Princess Mononoke (Prints for sale) :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 93,741 5,992 Against the darkness by sandara Against the darkness :iconsandara:sandara 24,223 1,926
A Light In The Fog
A Light In The Fog
The long nights were dark and the short days seemed darker
The sun tries to rise but even the moon's glow is brighter
I'm just searching for something to give me a sense of hope
Even though I'm another typical fool who should just learn to let go
Eyes   grow   dim   as   time   goes   on
It's   a   sin   to   be   this   strong
I'm going through life and only seeing blurry faces
It's too harsh when all forms of trust are blind
I've walked this world and noticed nothing really changes
Every step seems futile and every dream is a sleeping lie
All   souls   cannot   be   shrouded
All   hope   cannot   be   abandoned
I needed a reason / To keep me breathing
So please pay heed to the pleas / I don't want the dim lights to leave
And then I caught a glance of you and instantly knew
That I gave up too easily, thinking you wouldn'
:iconrecoloringlife:RecoloringLife 1,012 89
A Heavenly Spectrum by jadenxtrinityx A Heavenly Spectrum :iconjadenxtrinityx:jadenxtrinityx 69 4 The last Supernova Tutorial by FacundoDiaz The last Supernova Tutorial :iconfacundodiaz:FacundoDiaz 2,079 351 10.000 Days by flames6995 10.000 Days :iconflames6995:flames6995 38 7 beauty isn't makeup. by Shutter-Shooter beauty isn't makeup. :iconshutter-shooter:Shutter-Shooter 5,612 535 Internet Billboard II by Arkham-Insanity Internet Billboard II :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 2,724 581 BioSpell by lindelokse BioSpell :iconlindelokse:lindelokse 2,645 148


The close range appears a bit too clean, given the dust in the background terrain. It feels a bit too dark and too clear. Some of the l...


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My attempt at a fable.

A wolf, having not eaten for several days, stumbled into a pasture filled with sheep. Overcome with hunger, he quickly pounced on a sheep and was about to devour his victim when the wolf realized that he had caught a fellow wolf in sheepskin. The wolf asked the wolf in sheepskin why he was dressed so, and the wolf in sheepskin replied, "I was once part of  a great wolf pack, but hunters came and killed the others. Only I remained. I saw this pack of sheep and decided to join them, so I would not be lonely. I sleep in comfort, and my life is easy."
Then the wolf spoke. "I too, was once a part of a pack, but my pack fell apart. I have spent many nights out in the cold, alone. I have gone for days without a bite to eat. But in the end, I can still howl at the moon; I can still look at my reflection in the pond and say that I am still a wolf."

The moral of this story? Well, the price of being a sheep is boredom, and the price of being a wolf is loneliness. Is it worth it, giving up who you are just to fit in with society? Or do you take a stance in what you believe in, even if you stand alone? I was a wolf once, but I suppose all I am is a sheep now. Nothing more, nothing less. But deep down inside, I know that a part of me disagrees with what I am, even though I wear the sheepskin.
I suppose life is rather dull inside the pasture. Well, not dull, but not exactly out in the wilderness, fending for myself. I had to sell a lot of my morals to get where I am now, and I really can't remember what those morals are anymore. A bit like Haku from Spirited Away. Once you forget your real name, you're stuck in the demon world forever.


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People's Republic of China
I was born in America, but I moved to China to go to an American school primarily dominated by Koreans. So, I am a Chinese American living in an American China. Very fascinating, really. And if you never manage to pronounce my name right, then just call me Jack, (Just Another Chinese Kid) because that's all I'll ever be...

Creative Commons License! Put my name on it if you use it.



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