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GTA 5 - Trevor Philips

Here we go, young soldier Trevor. I know that he should be a pilot, but let think this is an alternative variation in his lifepath.
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HOLY FUCK! He looks like Travis Bickle.
ShotgunBlue's avatar
right before he went absolute crazy
irpasasuperheroine's avatar
*sees current canon Trevor*: he's a great character, but damn is he a piece of work.

*sees this Trevor*: where tf did my panties go.
limitta's avatar
Trevor is canadian
limitta's avatar
Wait,he is an soldier?
evil-bearrr's avatar
Wow, it's really cool! He looked handsome
uh... <3 This is amazing :> He is hot
JLH412's avatar
TheJustCauseClause's avatar
Nice, I wish we knew more about this side of trevor but he's a little psychopathic at the time.
Aoife-White-Fire's avatar
I need that tattoo XD
Miya-Akeno's avatar
Nice job!!
TheMysteriousDemon's avatar
He wasn't a American Soldier he was part of the Royal Canadian Air Forces, but this is good work.
slowusaurus's avatar
And then, he got kicked out by a wicked witch...
Stoofpot's avatar
ooh young trevor! love it!
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Aside from what everyone has pointed out, my only other thing to point at is the neck tattoo. I don't recall seeing him having it when he and Michael were in North Yankton, so I believe he got it much later after he thought Michael died. I figured it was partly because Brad got nabbed, and Brad had the neck tattoo himself.
Artistically-Gross's avatar
I was about to think, 'you know dang well Trevor doesn't have that much hair.' But now I'm like, OOOOOOOOOH young Trevor. Nice job!
ariel025's avatar
Totally love this.Nod
That's a very representative depiction of Trevor in his young
days as a sholdier. Truly shows that you worked a lot to get
him right. Menacing eyes with a bit of playful craziness,
twitching smirk on mouth's corner and little scar details on lips
and eyebrown... yes, it is Trevor alright!B-) (Cool) 
Freddy1016's avatar
God dang, Trevor shore is a handsome devil, even in his youth.
Small-Brawler's avatar
h hol y shit holy shit holy hs it

*fanS SELF*
nerdyginger94's avatar
Dude, I love you! Trevor is my #1 favorite. fghj :iconasdfghplz:
AZexiler's avatar
Great job to your work but didn't you notice that he served the Royal Canadian Airforce not the u.s. army back to he's youth
WFTC141's avatar
Wait a minute...I thought Trevor was air force pilot not army.
MorriganXWarden's avatar
And then an evil witch in charge of psychological evaluations grounded him for life.
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