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Waiting for Detroit: Become Human is too hard x)
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Oh... MY GOD. THIS IS SO AMAZING. The animation's so smooth and fluid. I LOVE IT. It's so GOOD. Terminator Connor. Awesome.

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This is the hottest thing I've ever seen bye
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holy FUCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alexa this is epic ( no but this is amazing what thw ehck )
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woooo!marvelous acting!!!He looks like RK800-60!Evil side!And I think he will say:If you betray Cyberlife, I will haunt you. 
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Hoo boy I wish Connor (and some of the other androids) did stuff like this in the game. I suppose it would be cliche to have their eyes glow red in "killer robot mode" and it would make them look less human (which is the point of their designs), but boy would I LOVE IT. Love 

Beautiful art and mesmerizing animation! Clap 
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Thank you! Yeah, glowing red eyes are just easiest way to show how unhuman he became. I saw in game, sometimes heavily damaged androids' eyes were glitching and show some yellow lights.
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I suppose that's true, like when Marcus was missing his right eye? Also there's the android that Zlatko changed/mutilated to make his eyes glow orange. Even though I felt really bad for him, it looked cool. But yeah, it seems that only androids who are damaged or modified have glowing eyes of any kind.
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Yeaah, that one modified by Zlatko, he's the closest one to what I was imagining Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] 
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holyshit dude! this is amazing *O*
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I love this! I haven't seen a lot of "red" Connor fanart yet. Great job!
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Thank you :) I wish there was more arts of red!Connor too.
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That's awesome Gasp Will 
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This looks amazing, keep up the amazing work!
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How long did this took you?
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Hard to say for sure, painting took around week (every evening for 1-3 hours) and animation made in 2.5 hours
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Ah, thank you!
BTW, i'ts gorgeous =D
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That is fucking terrifying and amazing
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Thanks, just what I wanted to say with this work :3
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Thats amazing, holy crap
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