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Meet new friends!
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PantherKing239's avatar
This is just so adorable~ <3
Honey-Bunn-Boi's avatar
Ahhh I'm dying this is too cute
ShebaKoby's avatar
*"A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin plays in background*
Sooooo dorbs!  Riding the wave, flipping over, and now he's looking Under the Sea! :XD:
Ravenroseserpent's avatar
lol this is funny and adorable I see in slow motion Vress justing relaxing and then be hit by the wave and love end Vress can make more friends
AssassinHiru's avatar
Do you sell plushies of this shark thingy, i want one so badly right now
Vraptor140's avatar
All the friends!
EduSouSil's avatar
Well, he don't have to worry for which is side is up or down XD
Mikeymonkey1989's avatar
Dawww widdle sherk feets :heart: :3
Sikyanakotik's avatar
Little puppy shark forgot he could breathe water? D'aw.
Brainstormer623's avatar
I always love to sea your comics.
Brainstormer623's avatar
Thank you, I'll be here all week. Tip your waitress.
SofKawai's avatar
Cool and cute Meow :3 Love 
gojiNya38's avatar
Yay! Vres is going to make many more friends! :D
tirty's avatar
I can just imagine the follow up from this one, every single fish in the entire ocean is gonna get hugged to death... It will be the most adorable horror movie ever made ^_^ Shark 
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