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My dearest vixen friend by Vrani My dearest vixen friend :iconvrani:Vrani 2 2 Sneaking out again by Vrani Sneaking out again :iconvrani:Vrani 19 3
Current state of mind~
My head is spinning.
Thoughts, thought or not,
Thoughts, whole and fragmented,
Splatered all over the floor, walls and ceiling.
Leaving behind only anxity and worry for the future ahead.
The world is speeding up and away,
Away from my slow and simple solutions,
I am just too slow and dumb it seems.
Decissions, decission, decissions,
What job should I get?
What of love and family? Of friends and sparetimes?
Of the other parts of me?
What CAN I do really? What skills do I have?
What difference do I possibly make on this planet?...
How can this puzzle ever be assembled?
How can this life, in this world, ever work out for me?
My head hurts, my mind cries, all teary now.
Why does this world have to be so damn complex?
So bloody hard to undrestand and figure out?...
How will i ever get through this maze that is life?
Without breaking down and dying along the way?...
I need my friends, that much I know, no matter what others may say,
The only thing keeping me just a little sane and alive righ
:iconvrani:Vrani 2 8
I'm a gooooood draggy ^.=.^ by Vrani I'm a gooooood draggy ^.=.^ :iconvrani:Vrani 12 8 Tlod Oc Membership Application - Raigan by Vrani Tlod Oc Membership Application - Raigan :iconvrani:Vrani 1 0
My big dragon sister ^.=.^
Scales of brown, like the colour of our mother Gaia
Hair of black, like the darkness of night
Yet soul as white and pure and newly fallen snow...
Warm eyes of purple, watching over her little ones
like a mother watches over her hatchlings
with everlasting care and kindness towards her small family...
My big sister Navarose
:iconvrani:Vrani 1 1
My lil dragon sister
Body as young as a hatchling
Yet mind and wisdom like an ancient Wyrm
Heart and body rotten to the core some once told me,
I have heard no bigger lie
For she carries inside her the caring love of a mother to her young,
The amazing ability to cheer up and bring light into darkness
And the potential of a great artist, with a long and epic future ahead of her
My lil sister, Delaney
:iconvrani:Vrani 3 6
Family is both good and bad, joy and sadness
Like birthdays and burials
Can ruin your life, but also save it in any way
The bond is not limited by blood alone
The soul is also important
Like sis and bro, not of your own blood though
But cheerished and kept in your soul forever and ever
Some bare only hatred for theirs, but I do not
If need be, I would die to protect them
Like they protected me
:iconvrani:Vrani 2 9
Flowing freely
Emotions flowing freely, like the flight of a dragon
Spirit flying free on the wings of love and hope
Held up by the happiness of knowing...
That whenever darkness takes over and send him towards the ground
Friends will always be there to catch him and send him soaring in the sky again
Flying high and looking down on those he cares for,
Ready to tear a hole through the clouds should their sky ever turn dark
:iconvrani:Vrani 3 14
Fun with runespells - Raigans first TLOD mission
Raigan carefully took the book she offered him and looked over the page. “Mmmm let’s see here…” he thought to himself, studying the rune-diagram and description of each spell for a moment. “Ah, this one doesn’t look so difficult. ‘Light Torch’ hmmm. Wonder if it actually works without a torch though…” He muttered, scratching his chin a bit.
“Oh well, here goes nothing!” He said and closed his eyes to concentrate, reaching into himself to search for the place in his heart and soul where his magic energies lay dormant.  Suddenly, a blinding flash lit up the room, instantly followed by a loud and painstaking roar “Arrrrrrg my eye!!”
A few seconds later the light returned to normal, the little purple dragon now holding a paw tight close over his right eye and panting weakly. A little bit of smoke coming from under his paw and the stench of burnt scale filling the air. Quickly he skimmed over the two
:iconvrani:Vrani 0 3
Often my mind takes flight,
On scaled dreamwings, across the Great Sea,
The Atlantic...
Patiently waiting,
Until the dragon can wrap him in his wings,
And hold him close, knowing that he is there
My collar, both a blessing and a curse
Always there around my neck, a constant reminder,
Of what I have, yet cannot touch...
A special bond,
Shown by purple bond and leash,
Sealed with heartshaped silver,bearing my name...
Even though seperated by half an earthglobe,
The dragon still keeps his head high, hope in his heart
That he will one daay take flight for real,
To fly across the Great Sea...
To finally be there,
To be, where his collar tells that he belongs...
:iconvrani:Vrani 4 11
Between tears and sadness...
On the edge between tears and sadness
Dangling towards tears, trying desperately not to fall,
No light in my mind
A tear from my heart
My soul...well, good question...
Think I should just curl up and sleep
Hoping for light to be brought by the new dawn
At least...I hope it will...
:iconvrani:Vrani 2 16
The weird guy you're all talking to by Vrani The weird guy you're all talking to :iconvrani:Vrani 2 37 8 days too late, probably more... by Vrani 8 days too late, probably more... :iconvrani:Vrani 1 24
17 Lights Of Hope...
"For many years, I just wandered through the darkness, no stars to aim for, no light or hope to cling to...
But then I found these eleven lights, each burning bright and clearly, setting them apart from all the other stars.
They are my friends, and I know that as long as I have those stars to aim for, I will never be alone, and I will always have a light to guide me home and back onto my path.
So thank you, all of you. You saved a life, and not just that. You also gave him back the strength to fight back, and also, you gave him the will to live again.
Reborn by your friendship"
:iconvrani:Vrani 7 43
Newborn in the world of furries...
A small crack shatters the silence...
Purple scales emerges from the egg, looking out into the new and unknown world
Met by faces, scaled, furred and feathered, yet only smiles and curious faces.
Slowly crawling out of the shell, still unsure about this strange new place and creatures surrounding him.
Paws reach forth, a strangely looking loin and a small little balll of fur pulling the little hatchling close in a hug, welcoming him to this wonderfull new life.
:iconvrani:Vrani 2 7


D.Va's Lament by Plasma-dragon D.Va's Lament :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 2,119 97 Revy gets taped up part 2 by Plasma-dragon
Mature content
Revy gets taped up part 2 :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 699 34
Deciduous Garden Stakes by emilySculpts Deciduous Garden Stakes :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 250 0 Bloodmane by emilySculpts Bloodmane :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 173 0 Cinaed by emilySculpts Cinaed :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 252 0 Commission - Thrax by emilySculpts Commission - Thrax :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 242 0 The Arbori : Mini Planters by emilySculpts The Arbori : Mini Planters :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 203 0 I  am the Dragon, I am the Sky - Details by emilySculpts I am the Dragon, I am the Sky - Details :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 333 0 Mossback Plant Keepers by emilySculpts Mossback Plant Keepers :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 448 0 Collab: Dogsuit training. by Baumbs Collab: Dogsuit training. :iconbaumbs:Baumbs 29 271 Jade Juna Jaylynn Nicole ink2 by Creeper1574 Jade Juna Jaylynn Nicole ink2 :iconcreeper1574:Creeper1574 19 7 Light Fury by AlleycatIrony Light Fury :iconalleycatirony:AlleycatIrony 151 11 Toothless and the white fury - HTTYD 3 by Dracarian Toothless and the white fury - HTTYD 3 :icondracarian:Dracarian 379 40 New friend by Natsuakai New friend :iconnatsuakai:Natsuakai 2,221 136 [$COM] Protection by Neffertity [$COM] Protection :iconneffertity:Neffertity 63 28 Scot Skunk Jyomon Suit TF 6 by Fox0808 Scot Skunk Jyomon Suit TF 6 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 177 11


Rawr ^.=.^
Was wondering if anyone in here would like to play a bit with me and another friend, either now or at some point later? :3
It can just be a one-time match, or we can figure something out to play more if you'd like to n.=.n
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