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Zilla vs. Gorosaurus Thumbnails

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The original (top) and the modified, more obnoxiously eye-catching (bottom) thumbnail for the following YouTube animation: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGAwOz… Some of you may recognize the inspiration behind the composition, which is none other than one of the most famous dinosaur paintings of all time, Leaping Laelaps by the great Charles R. Knight, from 1896.

The original image was fully rendered in Blender, but I used a more unorthodox method for the updated version. That one was actually made in the video editing software Sony Vegas, with all the extra effects being placed on separate layers and rendered as a screenshot.
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I like it :D But I ould prefer a Remmastered Gorosaurus.
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BonnerscarStudent Artist
Its time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!
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Hm_Hm :( (Sad)  that  to 1. Blender in was pose 2. Thumbnails blood 3. that upload youtube

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I love that Godzilla '98 won. :) Glad to see him be victorious!:D
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kingkong19100Student Filmographer
In the Top 3 of best animations a Godzilla fan has made on YouTube! Might be the first one honestly!
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Was rooting for Gorosaurus, but I gotta say, that model of Gorosaurus is awesome.
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Hoy, buddy. Just wanted to say that this video was one epic dino fight. :XD: Also, have you heard about Grand King Ghidorah from Rebirth of Mothra III? :?
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I have, and he looks pretty cool.
Anti-Cellman's avatar
Good to know and he's more than good. He looks super awesome. :XD: Much better looking than the previous Ghidorah look alikes. Even the BioGoji version. I wonder if you could make 3D/Blender model of Ghidorah from Rebirth of Mothra III including the Cretaceous one someday. Just making a suggestion since I did noticed you already made the old classic version of Ghidorah.
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As a matter of fact I did think of modeling him instead of the basic Heisei one (which I think looks pretty drab and generic), but then I realized he's kind of small and I wouldn't be able to use him for my project.
Maybe later on I can try my hand at it, but right now I'm more interested in what the Hollywood version is gonna look like. I think I could put that one to good use.
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I wouldnt mind the height, I just say go for it. Plus, if you do make it, would you allow anyone to use those images of those models on Photoshop? Since they could be handy for making banners for the Kaiju War Chronicles.
Vrahno's avatar
Yeah, you and others can use my stuff freely. Just don't expect that I'll be making the Grand King Ghidorah one anytime soon, I'm kinda too busy for that at the moment.
KingLittleCaesar's avatar
Ah, ok. Be helpful to see that come in the future, considering how Grand doesn’t get allot of images.
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Hmmm... :hmm: I see. Actually, I never knew that Grand King Ghidorah was 40 meters smaller than the Showa version and 90 meters shorter than the Heisei version, but I still find him more awesome & powerful than those two. >3< Well I hope you'll do well with making him once you're able to. ^^ I can't wait to see the King Ghidorah (MonsterVerse) too. >w<

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Question, Me and my friend are wondering if you might add more of your models to Dropbox.
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That's the idea, but it seems like I almost never have time for it. Are there any models you'd be particularly interested in?
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Also my Friend wants Gigan, Mothra (Imago and larva), Rodan, Anguirus, Ebirah, Baragon, Gorosaurus, and Hedorah.
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Sorry for the wait, here's some more models I fixed up and uploaded in the meantime, the two Mothras and Rodan:
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Some of them are available here:

I'll try to put up downloads for the others in the following days if I have the time. Though I'm not sure I'll be able to create separate image files for the textures on some of them. The Mechagodzilla model for example is so messy and complicated that its textures would probably get screwed if I tried to bake them into images. But we'll see...
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GWKTMHobbyist Filmographer
Sorry for intruding, but will you make those city props donwloadable too?
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I packed most of em in here. It's very basic stuff, mostly just cubes with building textures on them. Some textures also have damaged versions, but not all do.
GojiFan78's avatar
Yes, I want the Mechagodzilla and Showa Godzilla model.
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