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For those interested in this topic, I recommend checking my Google Doc which is still being updated whenever I come across relevant info. The text below is a shortened summary, updated in early 2022. I originally created this document in 2018 after researching the history of Godzilla films in my home country, with a cursory look at King Kong too. It should be an interesting read to those who might be curious about the franchise's impact in places far away from Japan and the United States. I also tried to work out general European trends but since these weren't my main focus and I don't have much data on other countries, most observations abo
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Could you please tell me which app or website is where you animate

I use Blender, it's a free animation software.

Köszönöm szépen a követést^u^

Hello Vrahno, I've watched ur videos in youtube and I love it, really i'm a big fan of you work . Really, all your animations are so funny to me. My brother and me really enjoy all ur videos. I'm a big fan of kaijus and dinosaurs too. In fact, in discord I use some frames from your videos like emojis.

And sometimes i' do renders with mmd or xps models with blender and well that's was i find your DA profile.

And I saw some links to download ur models and I'm very gratefull with u for share them.

But I really have to ask u.

Is there a download link to download anguirus, and godzilla (that godzilla that you're using in your new videos "Godzilla Gets a YouTube Award" I think is the 64's version im not very sure...

My brother and me really loves those models. If you could share them i'd very gratefull with you (Obviusly just if you wan to do)

Have a nice night (Here it's 11:18 pm)

Hi and thank you kindly for your nice words! Cool that you like the stuff I make. Makes it all the more worthwhile for me to keep doing them. I've recently created a public folder in my Dropbox where I keep download links for the Blender models I've uploaded so far. It's periodically updated. The models you're looking for would be in the Anguirus file (which contains both my newer Anguirus model and the old one I made back in 2015) and Godzilla is in the Daisenso file.

I hope both the link and the Blend files are accessible. A couple of my models have been updated for Blender 3.0 but these particular ones still use Blender 2.74.

OMG. Thank so much!

You're amazing. I really hope watch soon the next chapters of "Godzila gets a youtube award".

And thanks a lot for the models.

You're welcome! And just a quick note, the folder link I've shared with you doesn't work anymore because I had to change some settings. So here is an updated link, just in case you still need it: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6nnznn2oj3jr9sj/AABVZ6RvgvqCnu-sNC-y4puPa?dl=0

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