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well i guess now's a good time as any to revamp this account

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1 min read
My commissions page is really out of date, so I'm doing a new one. I'm open to anything really, but just be sure read the commissions page, policy page or the pricing list on this journal entry.


Commish Image by vr7

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1 min read
I don't have a schedule for it yet, but every now and then I may do artstreams of my own on the channels that I normally use to stream random videogames. You can find my channels here:


Note that I have yet to monetize my streams like other people do nor do I have any plans in the foreseeable future for that sort of thing.

Here's how my first test stream turned out. The final product will be posted on deviantART when it's done.
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1 min read
Will be selling art at table PP01 if anyone wants to visit. I also have some new stuff I haven't uploaded yet to either tumblr or deviantART.

I'm also doing On-Spot Commissions on Friday and Saturday, so if anyone wants me to draw anything feel free to bring in references and requests.

See you guys there!
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5 min read
Because I need money.

I will be open on March 31st onwards for this, but feel free to submit requests early--just don't expect me to get around to them until after the 30th. This will last until I decide to close it.

$15 - Per half body character
$20 - Per full body character
$25 - Per large inanimate object (i.e. cars, planes, mecha, etc.)
$10 - For a detailed background in perspective (does not count on its own)
PayPal only.

To order, just send me a note with the subject Commision Request and the following information:

Your Name:
Subject Matter:
Character/Subject Reference:
Description of subject (optional):
Additional notes (optional):

Rules and Notes:
  • I will reply to confirm your order and provide my PayPal address. I will start as soon as payment is made in full.
  • I can't be all over the place unfortunately. I may refuse if the slots are full, unless you're willing to wait.
  • I will draw original characters, crossovers, fanart, etc.. Also if you want me to draw a detailed inanimate object like a car or a plane, that's not outside the realm of possibility either.
  • If you ask me to draw a background by itself with no characters or other objects for some reason, I will count that as a large inanimate object.
  • I will not draw 18+ material.
  • Policies may be subject to change.
  • Only minor modifications can be made after the work is finished. If you want to see the roughs before it's finished, please request it.
  • I will try to finish your request as soon as I can, but things can happen. I'll let you know if something comes up.

Usage Rights:
The finished image will be on deviantART, pixiv, tumblr, and/or any other site that I may be using to post my artwork. And unless there is a special reason, I reserve commercial rights over the image (i.e. selling prints at a convention, and so forth). If you have any qualms about this, let me know in your request.

Mailing Address:
If for some reason you really really really want me to print and mail you a physical copy of the finished work, we can try to work something out. However I don't exactly have a consistent means of doing this yet.

Noeltan 2014 by vr7 Yoli-chan 2013 by vr7  Ingall One by vr7 Maria from SO3 by vr7 tumblr drawing by vr7 Reika Kirishima by vr7
You can find more of my stuff here.

Note that my art style and overall quality is more consistent from 2012 onwards.

Here are a few other roughs that aren't exactly complete but reflect some of the other things I can do (other than anime girls):
Solid Snake (circa 1998) by vr7 Tigershark by vr7
Thank you.
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